The Dark Knight was SO AMAZING!!!!! I went last night at 9:50, and it was soo crowded. When the movie let out around 12:30, the theater was even more crowded! This movie is gonna make a disgusting amount of money.

Heathy was fabulous and incredible and it was so sad watching him. I kept thinking of Matilda and Michelle. :(

Here's what I wore- very boring. It is not a good shot- I was in a rush to take it!
my hair is flying!!
shirt, target
shorts, old navy
glads, madden girl

P.S. Can anyone invite me to The Fashion Spot? Please?! :)


  1. I so want to see the Dark Knight but am going on vacation tomorrow. And I miss Heath so much!

  2. I would love to trade links...i added you

  3. From what I can see of the gladiators, they are just awesome. Been dreaming of having white ones for such a long time...

  4. I saw the dark night too- I loved it. Heath was great in it, better than the Batman! Every time something bad would happen to the joker I would say "Don't hurt Heath!"- my boyfriend was like "Can you stop, you're embarrassing me." hahaa- love the white gladiators


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