just for rain?

Are rainboots a total no-no when the weather is beautiful as Marilyn Monroe? Or can they add some brightness and oomph to an outfit?

I love all rainboots, but I don't have any. I feel that most of the ones I love are rather pricey to only wear when it could rain. But, I am considering getting some classic Hunters in a bright color to wear anytime!

Opinions? Come on guys, be honest! Do rainy shoes in sunny weather make you want to stay inside? Or do you think they are just fun? And, what colors do you love? I, personally, love the lime green and hot pink!



  1. i'm waiting to get a pair of rainboots, too!

    btw thanks for the sweet comment hon

  2. Seeing your gorgeous collage actually makes me reconsider and think that rainboots could actually look rather good in sunny weather. If you wear it properly, maybe Kate Moss style with some shorts and tight. It could be a new trend :)

  3. OH MY GOSH.
    I love rainboots.
    i was looking at some today!
    Very cool!

  4. As much as I appreciate rainboots on other ladies, I personally am not brave enough to sport them. So, yes, I suppose they are meant to be worn when it is actually raining *lol*

    When worn right, they can look absolutely fab as Siljesfashion shows. Amazing.

  5. I wear my J. Crew riding wellies whenever the mood strikes, no matter whether it's raining or not.
    Especially for all those lovely lighter shades, it's totally acceptable to wear them whenever!!

  6. I like rainboots too! I boguht a whale rainboots :) I love it!!! hehe


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