what the crap is going on

Why, oh why?

Lindsay Lohan's hideous leggings are completely sold out, according to The Cut. I really have no idea of who would buy an ankle glove or knee-padded leggings; maybe it's Sam Ronson, or someone else trying to boost her self-esteem. All I know is, these are not attractive, and I would not want to support her cause. So, there, LiLo!

That animal is very, very angry. Who blames him?
shop intuition

p.s. on we<3it, i searched gross and the LiLo Marilyn pictures came up! hehe!!


  1. I actually like the idea of knee pads on leggings, they add a little something... I don't know, they're interesting.

  2. Ewww I completely agree! I have the LnA zipper legging and Lindsay's are a total copycap...and uggg...

    I'll give her the knee pads are "interesting," but did she even think about what they might imply? hehe


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