look for less?

I'm really stuck on buying myself some rockin' distressed light brown riding boots. The only problem is...I can't find a pair that I love in my price range! I want to spend less than $100 (I know, I'm cheap, but I always feel bad after splurging!). My dream pair(s) would be Frye. Very similar to these:

I don't want to spend $400 though. I'm asking you loyal readers to search your brains for...drum roll please...a LOOK FOR LESS! Oh, please please please?! I know that there have to be some out there somewhere!

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  1. Just thought you'd like to know that Solestruck has about a billion+1 boots.

    Here are a few I thought were similar to the ones you want (and they won't break your bank):

    Mia Patterson
    Roxy Rock On
    Rocket Dog Speedster

    Hope that helps!


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