My name is Fashion Fille, and YOU are my life.

mmhm, I have that one, too!

It's basically a fact around here that I'm obsessed with Justin Timberlake. I have been ever since I was like 6 or 7, when *NSYNC became my everything. He is sososososo hot, and that has not changed for years. I still have posters of him, bobble heads, and pillows, and more obnoxious ridiculous things like that. My screen name on AIM used to be mrsjustintimb! I still listen to *NSYNC, and Justin's solo stuff. My friends still think I'm crazy for loving him so much, but the heart wants what the heart wants...

When I first heard about the William Rast movies with the near-perfect Erin Wasson a few months ago, I started to star articles about it in my Google Reader. Well, finally, those movies are out. Justin is totally sexy, as for Ms. Wasson. There is absolutely zero substance and plot (so far), but the eye candy is enough for me to stick with watching them!

Ugh, I need help for my various problems, mainly shopping and JT....


  1. Hahaha that's so cute. I think who you crush on says something about you!

  2. I used to like JT when I - and he *lol* - was younger.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Ok I am biased. I am a BSB fan through & through!!!


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