I went shopping again today! I knew exactly what I was looking for, so I was extremely quick and efficient. I found a pair of brown riding boots at Aldo,:
As you may or not know, I have been looking for an affordable pair of Frye
look-a-likes. I think I succeeded, no?

and the Minnetonkas I have been lusting after:

I went to Urban after, and there was nothing that I wanted! How crazy is that? I always find something there.

Now what I am looking for is belts. I want a leather one that I can tie like so:
I stole this from Hand It Over...thanks Wendy! Tell me if you want me to remove it.
This is kind of an old trend, and I have been doing it, but I want a new belt to do it with. I thought that I could do it with any belt, but it isn't really working. Any tips for the type of belt this looks best with?

I also want a patent waist cincher. I know they are everywhere, but I haven't found the one I wanted yet.

My list of wants is forever growing...I'm so freaking greedy!


  1. I like all these things! great choices!

  2. i like the tie leather belt, very savvy. i thought i found a pair of prada boots for moi only it just cuts into my ankle. darn it.


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