hundred reasons

Whoa, sweet tarts! I'm in shock to say that this is my 100th post. It's a little ridiculous, being that it's only been 3 or so months, and how small the world has gotten. How unbelievable is it that I can have instant contact with people in all 6 other continents at the same time? It's fascinating, and amazing, and scary, all at the same time. Off my tangent, this blog has forced me to wear new outfits that I can be proud of. On the days when I just don't feel like it, I do it for you! And I'm always happy I did. Nothing ups me like looking chic! People ask sometimes why I dress up all the time, for school, for the SATs, and so on. I don't tell them about Fashion Fille; it's my own little world that I have actually never spoken out loud about. Only my brother, mom, and dad know about this blog, but I don't show it to any of them (my mom is nosy and checks up on it sometimes), and I'm glad. This isn't for them- I'm not ashamed, but I just don't need the extra teasing that will add on to the other teasing I receive just from being the youngest in my family. They see when I get packages of awesome stuff, but can respect my request to leave it alone. Anyways, I was thinking the other night about how this is such a humongo part of my life that I never discuss. Don't get me wrong, my thoughts are constantly held captive by you darlings, but I just don't have anyone to talk about it with! Ok, so back to my point, the blogosphere has no doubt changed my life. It has even made me redecide what I may want to do for the rest of my life! AH! Fashion is an amazing thing and I feel lucky to have developed my fashion sense to a point where I can express myself through my outfits. I may not have that certain creative look, like Susie Bubble or Arabelle (sometimes we have similar styles!), but I dress for myself, and those experimental looks just aren't me. I do experiment on a usual basis, though. It just isn't as obvious. My style can't be identified- it can be rocker, boho, preppy, minimalist, prostitute...(OK, just kidding. I have never dressed like a prostitute!). And I like that I can't be labeled! It is just me. This whole paragraph is a roller coaster of tangents coming back and forth to my main point, but...anyways, thank you all so much for all of your support. Each comment transforms my mood and just helps maintain my optimism throughout the day. My recent confidence boost can be contributed to your support!! You lovelies rock my world. Please keep it all coming. Here's to 200 more!

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