super cas

Visiting a college today with my grandparents and best friend. It's rainy!
top, urban outfitters
leggings, target
boots, hunter
cardigan, f21


  1. I've tried google reader too, but this is WAY better. Google reader doesn't let you read blogs in their real form - you miss all the comments, the layout etc. Plus with bloglovin' you get this bar at the bottom of your browser which allows you to read a new blog entry, and then you push next and read the next unread post, and the next, and the next etc. It's like flipping through a magazine with new post's from your favorite blogs. Try it, I promise you'll like it more than google's lame reader :)

  2. Ahahah I love Hunter boots, everyone has them in England. They also have the cutest warm socks to use with them, it's the best to go for walks in the country.
    I love the colour of yours, it's really sweet. My wellies are a boring khaki green...


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