yearning, yearning

I was completely rockin' the hell out while taking these pictures...I have to say, it really comes through. My Spring Awakening obsession has grown so much in a year! (Can you guess what song brought this out of me?)
dress/shirt and cardigan, forever21
shorts, old navy
boots, madden girl
tank (underneath), sharango

My tights ripped immediately today- I literally lifted my leg to get in the car, my necklace snagged them, and I had to run back in for the babies you see above! Here's evidence (it was much much much worse stretched on my knee):


  1. hahah i feel you on the tights, i wear them everyday for school and i probably go through a pair a week at least. cute necklace!

  2. favoorite outfit of yours,

    too bad of about the tights

  3. i dig the fishnets!
    i think i need to stock up on those this year.

  4. Hehe I can totally feel the energy from the photos, you totally rock the look! :D

  5. LOVE the tights
    and in response to your comment, i actually didnt take those pictures i jsut found them on facebook. and yeah im in college now, first month, i go to FIT, its a fashion college but i absolutly HATE it and im transfering out next semester

  6. Wow, the netted tights has floral prints?! Awesome!

  7. Oh I like your outfit very much! And I love your dancing pictures, they're so fun and full of life. I'm the worst at guessing so I'll pass on the song guess, but I'm looking forward to hear which song it is :)


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