holla atcha' girl

I bought the purple leggings and the purple top today at Forever 21. I also bought a leopard print tunic that is very similar to the zebra one, but I couldn't find it on the site. I also bought denim leggings and a black cardigan, also from Forever, also not online.

I've made a decision about the Docs- well, kind of. I'm definitely getting them. Now, I just need to pick a color. I put up a poll with some choices, and 2 people voted. I'm taking that one down, though, becuase I don't want patent- it won't age well! Docs look best super worn in, but patent leather looks ugly when worn in, so I'm just going to get a matte leather- I still want your votes! Please help me out; it will come back to you in awesome pictures! :)

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  1. oooh definitely get the black doc martins in matte leather.. they are really nice, age well and will get that scruffy look that you want. and besides, black goes with everything. :D

    denim leggings? they sound interesting.. i've never heard of them before. your singlet tops look really nice.


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