that's sad

The Halloween party I was going to turned into less than 10 people, just hanging out, sans costumes. LAME-O!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, so I didn't get to wear my Super Girl costume. What's the fun of dressing up if nobody else is? I don't care about people thinking I'm strange, because I am and I don't give a flying fandango what anyone thinks, but it just isn't fun to be the only one. It's just...awkward.

I wore this to lounge and watch extremely bad "scary" movies- Cursed, anyone?

(that middle picture is supposed to be me screaming while tearing my own head off...)
shirt, hanes
cardi, f21
leggings, f21
boots, target (LOVE 'EM!)

I hope the rest of you had a more significant and substantial Halloween!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your leggings and boots!

  2. ahhhw tooo bad you didnt wear your costume

  3. Oh my god your boots are splendid I want the same ! ( excuse my english I'm a french girl )


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