week in chic 103008


It's that time again...

The unbelievably amazing Fashion Fille finally shows the end result of her cut-off chronicles. Love it!

The Bargain Queens do a fantastic test for a potentially fantastic product. Did the 4-day mascara perform well? Click to find out!

Hip Candy is selling two pairs of adorable shoes. Who can resist shoes?!

Fashion Pulse informs us that we all need a croc (faux or real) bag this season. Sure!

Fashion Tribes talks about a genius product and why we need it for our boots.

Yuli discusses an extremely interesting topic- Project Runway fashions on real women.

EcoSalon shows two stunning items of jewelry. I adore both!

The Fashionable Gal quizzes us on our vocab. Uh, oh...I didn't study!

The Fashionable Housewife tells us how to instantly lose weight. Oh oh, I'm listening!

BarkingDogShoes reminds us to enter the Dansko contest...ASAP!\

Go ahead, shoo, start readin'!

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  1. I LOVE SPRING AWAKENING! did you hear it was closing???? I'm so upset!


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