I've been having some technical difficulties that are being sorted out as we speak. I haven't posted anything in a while (What, just 2 or 3 days?! Why does it seem like weeks?) because of those issues, but as I wait, I thought I could supply you all with some post-age. Not like stamps. As in a post. Ok, I'm shutting my mouth, now.

I wore this for Thanksgiving, or as Tavi calls it, T-Givingz. Honestly, I suck at modeling. And my camera really doesn't help with that.

horrendous model + idiotic camera = SEVERE ANGER FOR FASHION FILLE

Anyway, this outfit really wasn't as bad as it looked. I was actually very happy with it. I just am not happy with these pictures. I would have shot more, but by the time I imported and uploaded, I had already changed and was not going to put everything back on!


  1. i really like those f21 heels.
    they are f21, right ?
    i wish they had the same stuff in the f21canada stores as they did in the american ones.


  2. Hi,

    Amazing jewellery! I love them...

    Have a great day: Janet

    P.S. I link your blog on my bloglist, because I love blog. Check my blog (http://janetteria.blogspot.com), if you have mood! ;)


  3. such a great print on a cute dress... LOVE IT! =>=>

  4. It's pure love... the color is so vibrant and those shoes!!!!!
    Want. Need.

    xxx You look amazing as always!


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