she's a pretty mess

How bad-ass is she?!

Erika Jayne, an up-and-coming star, is freakin' awesome! She's "Madonna trapped in the moment when she recorded the Erotica album. She's Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge goes trance with a dash of debauchery, or Gwen Stefani goes burlesque. She's equal parts Hollywood glamour and S&M chic, the spawn of a Sapphic union between Rita Hayworth and Traci Lords." (the Guardian UK) She is a new, hot dance/pop artist who has had hit singles on the #1 Billboard Charts and Dance Airplay charts. She has debuted at #1 on LOGO and her video, Stars, remains in the top 5 (#2) after 11 weeks on air! Seriously, she's just so cool. Her debut album, Pretty Mess, is set to release in 2009, and I'm excited! Check out her video and her site, i promise you won't be dissapointed!

"Stars" video

Erika's widget

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  1. This girl needs to fire whoever her photographer is because they take retouching to an extreme. She reminds me a deeper weaker voiced Kylie if anything, I don't hear the Madonna-ness at all.

  2. I have seen Miss Jayne in person and I can tell you if they did do any touch ups, it was minimal. This is not my kind of music, but I can appreciate her contribution to the genre. She is gorgeous and "Stars" is catchy even though it's no Madonna ;-)


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