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I have decided to make my own little list thing. I just feel like ranting, and this is a good way to do it.

10 Things I Adore


  1. My friends. Honestly, my life revolves around them and I would be an awful person without them.
  2. Satisfying a really strong craving, specifically something sweet!
  3. Shopping and creating ensembles.
  4. Knitting.
  5. Children. Being with little ones is something everyone should try to do often. Not only is it fun, but it puts things in perspective, is a de-stressor, and is very healthy.
  6. Traveling. I love the anticipation and excitement it supplies!
  7. Reading. Whether it's blogs, magazines, novels, self-help books, or memoirs, getting stuck in a book is so nice. The escape from reality is hard to replicate, and it creates a well-rounded person.
  8. Laughing.
  9. Shows, plays, musicals, whatever you'd like to call them. Again, an incredible escape from reality, and just so fun!
  10. The internet. Truly, where would I be without it?! Where would any of us be?! Such a stupendous tool that fascinates me in uncountable ways. The whole world is revolutionizing due to and with it. I just don't even know how to explain how amazing the internet is. Opportunities are growing and knowledge is rising right along with it. Crazy how anyone lived without it.
10 Things I Loathe

  1. Ignorant comments from people who really think they know what they are talking about.
  2. Disrespect.
  3. When people get a tag and do the survey and then say "I now tag...ANYONE!" The whole point of the tag is to spread it around the blogging world and to show appreciation, not laziness and lack of thought. Choosing several bloggers that truly deserve a tag is not entirely difficult, it can be done. Tagging ANYONE! may sound kind, but it really just isn't. This bothers me so much. So so much.
  4. When my cell phone dies when I need it. (This is my fault :/)
  5. When my camera batteries die right when I turn it on to take pictures. Stupid weak battery...
  6. Wasting time. I often willingly (well, sub-consciously willingly) waste my time, but I just can't stand when others waste my time. Yes, this is pretentious. I don't really care!
  7. People getting things they don't deserve.
  8. Common people who suddenly become extremely successful ignoring the general population and not helping people who beseech for advice. I have seen this, and it just breaks my heart. Reciprocation, people, reciprocation!
  9. Fish. I literally gag at the sight or taste of a piece of fish. But I love shellfish, mainly shrimp and crab.
  10. Stereotypes and prejudice.
5 Random Facts About Yours Truly

  1. I know a lot of random facts! I always slip something completely random into almost every conversation I have.
  2. Most of the foods I'm obsessive over are major "health foods" and everyone makes fun of me for my cravings. Mmm... I'm wantin' some bok choy and hummus on everything pretzel crackers right about now...
  3. I really enjoy going to the dentist's office. It's fun!
  4. I went to summer camp for 12 years; 5 of them were just 8 week day camp summers, the other 7 were 8 week overnight camps. It was such a huge part of my life, until I realized how my "best friends" were actually just awful people and I needed to move on.
  5. I'm very judgmental and often get proven wrong about people after I learn more about them. I'm really trying to work on it!
I guess this could be considered a new tag, so I will tag people in the hopes of it spreading!

Rumi, Laurel, Tavi, Emma, Arabelle, and Camille
(you are all my absolute favorites and inspire me SO much. please continue this! <3)


  1. I love making lists! It always makes me feel better, more organised and in control! x

  2. I agree with pretty much all your likes and dislikes.

  3. BTW will you add my new blog to your link list?

  4. wonderful lists, - When my cell phone dies when I need it - happens to me all the time

  5. This is so nice to know you a bit more.
    And lots of things that make sence...


  6. im so honored to be listed with them, thank you! ill do it soon


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