Some girl I am really not fond of told me today, "Whoa, I actually kind of like your outfit." This was after I (internally) decided the way I wore these tights was not flattering. I was about to say back, "HA that's funny because I was just thinking how I didn't really love it...!" BUT I refrained. Stupid girl.

These are just one of the pairs of tights I got at Target this weekend. The others are black opaque, black crochet, blue crochet, and a bunch of brown, black, navy and dark purple. I'm also wearing some of my new rings.


How do you loveys like the editing I've been doing the pictures? I'd really appreciate some feedback on it. :)


  1. the editing looks really cool, but it makes it hard to see your awesome outfit! =[

  2. aw no i like it!

    and i swear im still looking for my grey sweater


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