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I'm absolutely honored to introduce this guest blogger, Laura of Dirty Laundry. She's a very cool girl with a very cool blog that covers personal style of her and her peers, fabulous inspiration posts, her (super cute!) boyfriend, plus so much more. When we were talking, she proposed writing a post about Costa Rican (she is a student in CR) and American personal style. I thought the idea was perfect, and I show you lovely readers the result of her proposition. I hand the reins to you, Laura!

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Hey Fashion Fille readers! I'm happy to be a guest writer here, I hope you are happy to read my post. I go to school in Costa Rica and have wanted to write about the diverse personal style I see here. Enjoy!

Dirty Laundry: Costa Rican x American Fashion

One of the reasons I started my blog, Dirty Laundry, was because I was downright appalled with the “fashion” I saw on the streets in Costa Rica (where I have lived for 10 years). I didn’t think that it was possible to have an entire country of people who were so disinterested in what they wore, and the truth is, I was right. Long after I had written off Tico fashion altogether and accepted the fact that I would just have to deal with seeing people in clothes two sizes too small in cheap, unflattering colours, I discovered a haven of chic, an oasis of elan if you will - university students. At the universities here, students put so much effort and creativity into their art and in turn, into their personal style.


Costa Rican fashion is heavily influenced by retro style but embellished with a personal touch. A few trends I have noticed for girls are patterns and details such as bright belts, animal print, grey-scale, and a tendency towards flats. The men, however are heavily influenced by a collection of seemingly contradictory styles such as rockabilly, emo, and the 90’s. In juxtaposition with American style, it is quite obvious that their relationship is one of influencer and interpreter. Below, for example, you can clearly see the influence that late 20th century American pop culture has had on CR style, with fashion icons such as Elvis, James Dean, and Johnny Cash recreated through the amusingly skewed perspective of American history that many Ticos hold.

I should also mention that the hipster-craze is slowly making its way down here by means of relentless American media and has manifested itself in the form of headbands and obnoxious new-rave gear, although I suppose that’s what ‘hipster’ is all about.



  1. Well... I guess Laura is right in some of her arguments. I'm a Costa Rican and the person (with friend, awesome talented designer of Pájara Pinta/Pepegrillochachachá, and one of Ñ's owners, Oscar Ruiz) who created the blog "ChepeStyle" (where Laura took the pictures off). Those pictures are outdated, probably those pictures round the beginnings of 2007. We stopped taking pictures to people in the streets, because of our lack of time and different personal projects that took us lots of our time. I'm the one "obnoxious hipster" with my blogger friend, Oscar. That was a costume we made up for the re opening of our usual hangout bar "Area City", in honor of Teylor (the guy that takes care of the cars outside the bar, slang word in here "wachiman"). First of all, before you take out of pictures of a blog, you could have let us know, specially that this is an international blog. Then we NEVER dress up like that.. I think you're misjudging. I really like your blog, it's wonderful.
    As a designer, I move around the design scene in here. There are a lot of people with wonderful unique style. San José has active and cool events that you should go and see how the things work in here before making some statement that is not true.
    I'm sorry if I sound a little mad, but I need to defend my point, myself and the truth of the situation.

  2. Hey!
    I Saw your post on the Independant Fashion Bloggers Forum and have added your site to my links! xx

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