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As promised, a full post about the Whitney-inspired flower headband.


I knit it on size 6 needles, cast on about 80 stitches, and knit until I felt it was wide enough. The flower is a triple layer garter stitch, very simple. If people are interested, I may sell them.


The color is a deep red; the pictures make it look very bright and almost fuchsia!


I want to make some more, experiment with contrasting headband and flower colors, different borders, putting beads or something else inside the flower, the list just goes on....!


Let me know if you have any questions about the knitting, or if you are interested in a headband!

UPDATE: I am selling these, in my Etsy store. I'm unsure of the volume of people who would buy one, so I'm making a few just to test it out. I would appreciate if you would comment here or email me (fashionfille@gmail.com) if you are seriously interested. Thank you!



  1. i love the headband and extra brownie points for making it yourself and I love the cardigan

  2. i have made a couple of things out of knitting..but i ALWAYS always get confused..is there a certain pattern you followed??
    was that a dumb question?

    anyway, thanks!

  3. yasmin- i couldn't comment back on your blog; i was denied access! i hope you check back for the answer to your questions. i didn't follow a pattern for this particular item, but i'm experienced and have done things like this before. i usually follow patterns for more complicated things, but there are patterns for simple things like headbands and scarves. i'd love to answer any questions you have about knitting or anything else! i've been knitting for about 5 years and i've really learned so much from it!

  4. That is really to adorable. Props for doing it yourself. I totally like the idea of knitting but I just havent taken the time to sit down and try it .. maybe one day. If you decide to make them to sell, let me know!

  5. I'm vowing to learn how to knit next month! you could definitely sell those, it looks super cute and cozy.

  6. Thanks so much for the answer!!!
    i don't have a blog anymore :[
    i got cancelled it but i'm in the process of starting a new one :}
    just trying to get a few things in order..
    Yeah, unfortunately everyone i have asked has been too busy to give me knitting pointers..the thing is, i used to do it as a child when i lived in Italy, but i forgot now...so i bought needles and yarn..and have been wanting to knit scarves, hats, all kinds of things...i found some ok stuff on youtube, but it's a bit confusing.
    any ideas??
    you can write me back on my email..if you can.
    i sent you an email.

    i could've sent this as an email too, instead of having a comment/novel on your blog. my bad!

    anyway thanks for your time, your kindness is refreshing!!
    I LOVE your blog, keep it up, let the haters hate!

  7. I love this!
    I wish I had long hair so I could wear them =]

  8. THE FLOWER IN THE HEADBAND IS SO AMAZING! I love the way you wore it too! I can never pull it off! you go girl!

  9. i love the headband! its amazing, i wish i had the skills needed (and the patience) to make something like that.
    and the leggings are very cool as well :)
    i know this is wierd but,
    my blog's very new. would you like to link exchange?

  10. Aw thats so cute, Im knitting myself something now too. x

  11. I love the headband. Looks like a great alternative to a hat for keeping ears warm and cosy in the winter.

  12. Really cute, I'm definitely telling my girlfriend & my sister about these.


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