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As most of you may know, my Etsy store is officially open, but not stocked. I'm working on filling it with some goodies, but I need your help for a part of that.

I need to know what you guys want! I would much rather make things based on personal requests than just make a bunch of items hoping you will love them. I'm totally open to do custom sales...no, I'm more than open to doing that, I want custom sales!

If you want something made, please email me (fashionfille@gmail.com) or submit a private alchemy request on Etsy. If you just have ideas for things I should make to stock the store, comment here or email me. I'm depending on you, darlings!

As Kourtney Kardashian has said, "We are here for you, Kim. For you!" Likewise, I am here for you, dear readers. For you!



  1. Wow, how much did your Kardash quote crack me up..ahahaha!
    Congrats on the shop opening and even MORE congrats on your school acceptance! That is so amazing. I wish I had as much confidence as you to apply to only the schools I love. It's really the best route to go, but I am a nervy reck!
    And aw I feel bad that I may have disappointed you with my prom mentality. PLEASE read the little edit I inserted at the end! I will absolutely go to prom. I can't wait to see what you wear!

  2. Awesome! Handmade knits sound delightful - I can't knit. It's kinda sad >.<

    As for suggestions.. hmm maybe ask if anyone wants legwarmers? They go beautifully with those bright tights!


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