I had a complete panic attack this morning, it almost ruined my day! I had an outfit picked out that included a dress that I've never worn. I put everything on- the tights, the slip, the tank top. I turn to look in the mirror just to check to make sure everything is decent enough for 6:30 AM, and see this ill fitting garment clinging to me and just not looking too good. I pulled out some belts, tried all different combinations, but nothing looked good. I'm meanwhile freaking out about being late, so I just take everything off and pull on another dress. I'm always rushing in the morning and seriously cannot function without everything layed out for me, from my hair accessories and makeup to my jewelry to my outfit. It really flusters me when I have to pick something out that morning, and I get really stressed out! I'm also really dissapointed becasue my vision for the outfit was much better than reality...such is life. Anyways, the outfit I ended up wearing isn't that great, so you won't see any pictures of it! That's my story for the day. :)

a panic-y knitty person! how relevant!

I put up a poll about buying my handmade knit goods, please take it! I'm considering opening an Etsy store, but I want some feedback before I do. Let me know in the comments if you have an idea, something you want to buy, things I should think about before starting and making things, Etsy tips, anything you want to tell me!


  1. I really like the red headband!
    I just opened an Etsy store last month! I think your headbands would sell, they look great!

  2. haha,
    joezehh@hotmail.co.uk, omgshhh i wanna lookbook so badly you have no ideaa!
    i think you should go for the etsy store; your designs (especially that flower headband, i'm literally still in awe) are awesome.

  3. While I was reading your post I kept thinking, this is totally me sometimes lol
    I normally choose an outfit in the evening before, but sometimes something just goes wrong, I change the outfit, but then it wasn't what I've planned and my day is ruined :(
    Keep in touch

  4. i used to get like that, but now i go to school with gay guys and bitchy girls so i dont remotly care

    throw on some sweats man and call it a day

  5. harry potter. heart, heart, heart.

    yes, i would buy knitted things. i am particularly interested in puffy braided knit headbands if you start an etsy shop.

  6. thanks for the ideas and motivation. my store is in the process of being opened and i will alert everyone as soon as it is up and running! xoxo

  7. you have inspired with this knitting thing..
    i have been wanting to get back into it for WHILE now..and i made some calls and soon enough my friend, i shall give you an update..who knows i might sell some too with my art/photos!

    you are a sweetheart!
    also..i hate that feeling in the morning, so i feel you!


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