When I try to cut out my face, it's always in the photo and I have to crop it out. When I want a head to toe picture, the crucial head part is m.i.a. Sigh...

I took Emz's advice from this post and put a scarf on with this dress to disguise the cargo pockets, ech! I'm so happy with the result! Thanks to all of you who gave some very helpful advice! The jacket will be getting some wear soon, also!

dress, millergirl (nicole miller)
blazer, united colors of benneton
boots, aldo
pashmina, street vendor in italy

Geomoda wants me to share this invite code with all of you: wa2244

Sign up, it's a great fashion community site. I'll look forward to seeing you there!


  1. darling i love these boots! they are super and that scarf is yummy! love a great print.
    muah x

  2. Very cute outfit! And it proves that you can mix black and brown without freaking out.

  3. Adorable outfit!
    I love it!
    dont cut out your face... Im sure its gorgeous :)

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  5. thanks for visiting ambiquitous. i LOVE your scarf, i'm always on the hunt for great patterned scarves and wouldn't you know it it's only ever street vendors who have the nice ones.

  6. i loveee the scarf! ofcourse, you got it from a street vendor in italy. it is always the best pieces that are impossible for anyone else to get their hands on! lol. <3


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