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Rumi had posted about earrings like these back in June, and I've been craving a pair. I finally have convinced my faja to make me a pair...but he wants some details! I tried to describe them, but I honestly don't even know what they look like off the ear. Can somebody please send me some pictures of the earring off the ear, or anything to help me design them for myself?! It would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Found these on Bleach Black, gives a tad more insight into how they stay on the ear...



  1. Seriously I have no idea what they look like of the ears but I want some too...

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  2. I used to have a pair of these years ago, but they have since gone missing. Anouck Lepere does not have her ears pierced, so she created these. They are actually hooked over the ear-- think of a C shape, where the top of the C just barely hooks over the top and then the rest of C is behind the ear. From that part is where all of the chains are attached. They're quite beautiful-- I wish more were easy to find. Anouck used to sell hers (she considered herself a jewelery designer) but I'm not sure if they're still available

  3. On second thought, I might have one earring at home-- I can take a photo and email it to you if you like.

  4. How do you put those in your ears? I'm so confused.

  5. Ok that would fall off my ear after about thirty seconds. But it'd look pretty awesome until then.


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