one two buckle my shoe

I'm so awful! I haven't been commenting on any of your blogs, nor have I posted a real post in a while. I have a good post being developed at the moment, but here are two outfits from this week. Gah, didn't realize how terrible the quality is until now!

I need to go to sleep...it's super late right now, and I've been spending too much time online (and not enough time sleeping) anyways. See you...later today!


  1. hey honey loving the red dress and floral top! yummy jewellery too dear.x
    hope your having a great wknd honey. Just to let you know that my link has has changed to www.mariankihogo.blogspot.com and blog name to Marian Kihogo incase you wanted to stop by.
    Marian x

  2. The shoelaces in your second outfit are awesome, what a nice little touch!

  3. woah both these dresses are so pretty!


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