mate mate mate mate mate

It seems like Australia has is all- beautiful beaches, the most awesome accents, stunning people, Nemo,...and Australian Flavour, a stupendous online boutique. Sure, I live across the world, but I can admire from afar, can't I?

I receive an email from them every few weeks with the latest items on the site and how to style it. A celebrity rockin' a similar look is often included, as are other items from different stores, live American Apparel.

After seeing so many cool ensembles, I decided not sharing would just be cruel.

If I lived down under, I would totally be ordering this completely perfect vest! Someone wanna buy it for me? :)

And, of course, the ubiquitous shirt dress. I've been looking for one without much luck...and of course they have an adorable one!

Living in the states makes the prices better, but the shipping is killer. For you Aussies, visit Australian Flavour NOW!


  1. The top and bottom ones look adorable :D

  2. Great collages, I'm in love with all three!! :)


  3. love the flamingo waistcoat. its lovely, tHanks for sharing

  4. WOW this is super helpful, inspiring stuff! I like a lot.
    And thanks for the prom dress thoughts awhile back! I have yet to try that dress on, but thanks for the unflattering heads up.


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