raaaandom dancing

  • I learned this week that "prom blog" in a British accent sounds quite hilarious. Go ahead, try it. And then, visit MY prom blog on Alloy! :)
  • I can follow Nicole Richie, Katherine Power, Rachel Zoe, Michael Scott, Jason Mraz, and Christian Siriano on Twitter. What a wonderful world. Follow me on Twitter!
  • I started studding my backpack. I'll show you the final result soon! Spoiler: It looks kind of awesome.
  • About my camera search: I think I may have found a winner- the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T77. We'll see, but hopefully I can get in my hot little hands soon.
  • Anyone know of good reward programs to earn Amazon gift certificates? I have a few things on wishlist over there that would like to come off the wishlist and into the shopping cart!
  • I plan to supply some good postage this week, but the next two weeks are going to insanely busy. I'm directing a one-act play...it's hilarious. And keeps me busy. Hang tight if I'm not giving you much quality. I need your support at this time. :)


  1. Prom Blog...sounds normal to me, but i guess it would be different in an american accent. I know that one girl in Mexico uses Dooyoo, she's originally from the UK, but I guess she gets stuff shipped there as they do international shipping. There's also a site called Ciao that does amazon vouchers i think.

  2. The prom blog and one-act play sound like so much fun!
    I tried to find you on LinkedIn but must have written it down wrong. Remind me when you get a chance...


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