I wanted to remind everyone to enter the giveaway contest for an amazingly beautiful Tolani scarf from chickdowntown.com. I have a ton of entries, but not everyone put their email in the comment. You will not be eligible if you don't post your email address! If you're not sure if you did, the post is here, go check! Also, the entries that attached a Polyvore have much better chances....just saying!:)

May 4th is the last day you can enter, but do it now so you won't forget!

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  1. yey I entered :D oh my, its the first time I've knitted clothing, it's quite hard you see...cuz I'm not going by a pattern, just improvising..well we'll see how it turns out. The beauty of knitting is that it can be unravelled, right :P I thought you were gonna say that your grandma is knitting you one, can't believe she made you make one for her :P


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