We all love vintage, right? But, if we aren't Rumi, Karla, or Rachel Zoe, we don't live in it or have the ability to shop and afford it. Online vintage stores are becoming more common, but Vagabond NYC is different- it's not ridiculously priced, but they have stunning stock! I would wear everything on the site in a second. The lookbook on the page is even more gorgeous, it's better than a W editorial spread.

They're based in New York City and boasts a wide range of collectible designer vintage with a contemporary spirit. Two stylists, one a Vogue alum, use their insight on current trends and fashion history to provide what they hope is a unique vintage experience. They felt there was a lack of vintage online that was exciting, where everything wasn't $5,000, with offerings for everyday life that were on-mark. Vagabond also offers free shipping everywhere!


  1. Excellent, another great vintage place to shop. I agree though some of them are a bit overpriced. It is great to one with stylish and affordable clothes

  2. i've found a few great sites and am soo excited to visit this one!
    thanks for the tip!



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