I'm kind of struggling with taking outfit photos in my dorm. The lighting sucks, the layout of the room doesn't allow for that many options of where I put my camera, and I don't have the normal tri-pod here (I've been using this dinky mini one that actually broke today...). I'll try to find a solution, but I'm just not at the step of taking them outside on my college campus. I may be pretty fearless and confident, but not that fearless and confident. My roommate can take them sometimes, but it's tough to find a time where we both have time and I'm in the outfit and she isn't busy with school work. I would appreciate some suggestions from anyone who has had this dilemma in the past. Thanks!

This is what I wore today...

Oh, and have a certain method of covering fashion week. I go on style.com every night, look through that day's shows, and add the ones that make an impact to my lookbook. I'll have some commentary soon! To get up to the minute updates from me, follow me on twitter.


  1. nice jacket. taking a photo of my outfit for the day is my dilemma as well. I use an slr its hard to take a self-portrait with it. I usually ask my kid brother or my boyfriend to take my picture buy bf has been grumpy recently about it since he's reviewing for his CPA board exam. And because of that I asked my sister to do it instead. You really have to have an accomplice to be able to do it. Or you can take a photo of your outfit (meaning when you're not wearing them). You can lay it on the bed or floor or something Your best option though is to get a clotheshorse. I'm planning to get one soon, hopefully. Happy blogging! :)

  2. I use the same method! style.com has a podcast as well with select shows and interviews with the designers about current collections.

  3. you're outfit here is totally funky and fab!!!

    i <3 the blazer with that crazy crest! i wonder what the crest means? you're always so creative with your style combinations! i wish i could dress more like you...


  4. i dig this combo! blazer- ripped jeans and beautiful blouse. smashing!!


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