quick fast...TUCKER (again)

I have a really quick and fast (hence the title) giveaway- it's fun! It's a I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell movie swag bag--complete with a cinch bag, a WWTD bracelet, a bottle opener, a IHTSBIH pen, a bumper sticker, a pint glass, and an exclusive tour t-shirt that you can't get anywhere (unless you were at the premiere). You heard about Tucker Max and the movie earlier, and now is your chance to win some really awesome merchandise (believe me, I have all of these items, and they're cool to have).

Just enter your name, email address, and something you would tell Tucker if you had the chance to meet him.

Contest will last just 2 weeks, hurry! Go see the movie if you haven't yet!


  1. ok just saying....your blog has no focus and you never have comments. Your outfit posts are horrible by the way. So sad.

  2. ok just saying...... your blog has so much focus and you always have comments. your outfit posts are awesome by the way and it makes me happy


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