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Like always, when one giveaway ends, another begins! This time it's being hosted by Shopbop, who is guest posting today! Keep reading to find out more about the contest! It will last 10 days, until December 5th.

classic ugg boots

Attention, Fashion Fille readers!

Are you a fan of Ugg boots? Because today, we’re giving out a $100 Shopbop.com instant gift card to one commenter who tells us which pair of classic Ugg boots from Shopbop.com is her favorite, and why.

The most fashion-inspiring comment wins, so get creative. Tell us what you'd wear with them and where you'd sport your look.

What are classic ugg boots?

Ugg Australia boots, which are all about accessible luxury, made their U.S. debut in 1978. The cozy, foot-friendly essentials we know and love today are a form of unisex--that's right, unisex!--boots made of Grade A sheepskin with soft, fleece lining on the inside. Classic Ugg boots are known for their extreme comfort and actually feel more like slippers than shoes.

classic ugg boots

How did classic Ugg boots become so popular?

Did you know the term "ugg" or "ug" was actually used before the Ugg Australia brand came along? "Ugg" was a generic term for this style of Australian-made sheepskin boot, and uggs were worn by quite a diverse crowd, including WWI and WWII pilots. However, the Ugg trend didn't officially start until 1978 when Brian Smith, an Australian surfer met with other Ugg-wearing surfers on the U.S. west coast. Eventually, Ugg boots blew up in 2000 after Oprah purchased 350 for her staff and featured the cozy boots on her "Oprah's Favorite Things" show. Other celebrities soon followed, including Jessica Simpson and Kate Hudson.

How would you wear your classic Ugg boots?

Sure, the history behind the boots is cool to think about, but what really matters to us is how you would wear your tall ugg boots. If you win this giveaway, you’ll get a $100 Shopbop.com instant gift card so you can start shopping right away for your new classics.

Just tell us which pair of Ugg boots is your favorite, and how you’d wear them. Remember, the most creative comment wins! You have 10 days!



  1. What a fabulous giveaway- love Shopbop! It's a part of my morning routine to go on the site and see the new items! My favorite pair of Uggs are the Classic Cardy Boots in Fig! I'd pair them with my men's Ralph Lauren varsity sweater since it matches the Fig color perfectly. I'd pair it with my True Religion denim cutoffs that I bought from Shopop and I'd throw on my Topshop cropped white t-shirt underneath it to balance out the oversized sweater. I'd also wear my hair in a messy topknot to keep with the laid back cool vibe of the Uggs. This is the perfect outfit for a football tailgate, followed by a great afternoon of football, and into a fun sushi dinner out (and a possible karaoke stage encounter). Even though the Classic Cardy Boots are my favorite here, I still love wearing my two pairs of Classic Tall Boots in purple and black. :)

  2. Concrete jungle warriors and sand surfers alike can agree that the Ugg Classic Short Boots in black are a girl's best friend. I'd wear it Erin Wasson-rock-n-roll-style paired with a pair of cut-off shorts, a loose lace trimmed tank and a ruffled cardigan. Top it off with a leather head-wrap and cold-as-steel jewelry and I'd be channeling the queen of shredding herself. Australians had this one right!

  3. My choices are classic burgundy boots or the classic black boots...

  4. The Sundance 11 Ugg Boots are my favourite. I'd channel Sherpa-chic, clad in a colourful mexican cape, worn with these boots over a pair of white skinny jeans and my favourite light blue plaid shirt. This will definitely ensure I get seen in the crowd in these Australian made booties.

  5. Who doesn't love Ugg boots, especially with all the new colors and styles they keep coming out with? My personal favorite from the current collection on ShopBop is the Classic Argyle Knit boot in Charcoal... while I can pair these boots with almost everything, my favorite would be my new Sass $ Bide Sundays Clown miniskirt, Chris Benz Sunrise Leather Jacket and Palm Canyon Top, also from ShopBop...

  6. For December, nothing but the Sweater Knit Scuffette Slippers will do. I would wear them around the house with my Joe's Jeans and a big cashmere sweater, watching the snow fall outside and playing with the tiny kitten I rescued from the side of the road last week. Sometimes fashion is about being comfortable and still attractive, in this case, for my new husband. Peace and love to everyone.


  7. I try my best to fight the ugg trend, but the grey argyle knit uggs make them impossible to resist. wearing them with leggings and a baggy, vintage crewneck sweatshirt allows me to brace the freezing elements of central pennsylvania.

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