Why does this happen so much more often lately? I take outfit photos, vow to at least upload them online the same day, yet I finally get around to posting them weeks later? Well, here are two results of that process. Enjoy.

sweater, forever 21
skirt, vintage
boots, mia
tank, h&m
belt, target

dress, nordstrom
jacket, italy
boots, mia
tights, ?

Maybe I should have lied and said these were just today and yesterday...

Sidenote: I received some great items from Christopher Drummond Beauty- everything is 100% natural and organic based. I got the radiance booster and eyeshadow in a gorgeous gold. Everything goes on smoothly and looks very natural and beautiful! I would definitely recommend any of the products.


  1. Love the photos and how you tweaked them! Great tights, too!

  2. Hahaha I always end up about a week behind with outfits... I feel your pain.

    LOVE your tights.


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