so yeahh

Well. As you probably have noticed, my posting has become sporadic. I'm not going to do another rant/apology/unwarranted explanation. I'll say this- I love this blog; I love blogging; the passion has not diminished in the least; I want to post more. I need a break from everything to just think and have some me-time. I love being at school, but my time is constantly taken up, and when it's not, I'm stressing out over my unproductiveness. Please bear with me for a little longer-- I should have some more to talk about and time to talk in a few weeks. Of course, my Twitter and Tumblr are updated more than once an hour. :D

Leave me notes! I want to hear from you!

p.s. Happy (late) Thanksgiving...or (late) Thursday. I can't even get my act together to say that on the correct day.

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  1. I feel you!! I am facing the same problem...lack of time and the few time left I want to sleep!! Happy thanksgiving late and I like your blog!!


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