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I was so humbled and flattered to be asked to a topic of a paper for a friend of mine, Christine. She asked me several questions, and then wrote this excellent piece using her top notch writing skills. She even got an A! Thanks so much Christine! Read the whole piece below.
It’s every girl’s dream to get free designer shoes, necklaces, clothing and more, right? Well, for Elysia, a freshman at _____ University, that dream is her reality thanks to a little thing called Fashionfille.com. It’s a little blog that’s part of a big trend.
Ever since she can remember, fashion has been her passion. She recalls piling on accessories as young as two years old. It was only a matter of time until she came across an outlet that allowed her to share this passion with others. That outlet was a blog.
Blogging, the new accessory for every voice, has quickly become the “it” trend in the online world. Elysia, who is one to give all trends a try, hopped on this bandwagon and doesn’t plan on getting off anytime soon.
Fashionfille.com, her blog about personal style, is her biggest hobby. The blog, which features her views on trends and any other fashion news she feels like sharing, has grown in popularity since its start in July 2008.
She began viewing different blogs three years ago. Not all of them were fashion related, but the whole idea of blogging really sparked her interest. When her brother introduced her to Google reader, a site that checks a person’s favorite news sites and blogs for new content and puts all of them in one place, she knew she wanted to give it a go. “Once I saw the personal style blogs out there, I got extremely inspired and decided to try it out for myself,” she says. “I haven’t turned back since.”
Even though she insists technology is a natural thing for her, she still had to teach herself the fundamentals of blogging. Blogger.com, a free site for creating blogs, helped her learn. There, she established Fashionfille.com and personalized it to represent herself. Her blog, which has a very in-your-face heading in pink and black, is simple, girly and fun. She also has a photo blog, called Shimmer and Glow, on tumblr.com, which features a variety of photos that inspire her, from high fashion to interestingly, a bowl of gummy bears.
Elysia, who is petite and outspoken, packs quite a punch with her bright blue boots, long chain necklace and black and white checkered blazer. Her long brown hair accents every outfit she wears. “I’ve dressed consciously for my whole life,” she says. Her style is eclectic with hints of rocker glam. Every outfit must have “at least five pieces of jewelry,” she says while twisting one of the many rings on her hand. She is wearing a gold ring that covers the width of two fingers, very ‘80s and very free. She was given the ring from a designer to write a review about. It’s one of the best perks about her blog.
Companies contact her wanting to advertise their clothing or accessories on her site, hoping her review will spread the word for their products. In turn, she is usually paid with products from the advertiser. The more known she becomes, the more free products she gets. “I’ve gotten shoes, scarves, shirts, books, and a lot of other awesome things,” she laughs. Recently, she was paid a few hundred dollars to put up a sentence to advertise a store.
However, the most rewarding perk is the experience. “I’m getting a lot of early opportunities with companies and exposure, which will really help me down the line when I’m applying for jobs and internships,” she says. “I’m also making a lot of well-connected contacts.”
Getting her ideas from other fashion blogs, businesses, everyday life and her daydreams, She has begun to create quite a name for herself in such a cut-throat industry. She even has the opportunity to give back to her readers with give-a-ways. Her readers, which are nearing 200 hundred a day, can currently compete for a pair of velvet leggings from ChickDowntown. “I've given away scarves, health drinks, tights and socks, Yeah Yeah Yeah's CDs, posters, and other random items,” she explains. “I and the company giving the product away get exposure, and a lucky reader scores free things!”
With all this exposure to fashion trends everyday, she has an opinion or two on what’s and what’s out. “There’s not really one item that’s in right now, but I definitely think that shoes are becoming more important,” she says. “You’ll see more statement shoes nowadays then a few seasons ago.” As for accessories, “no outfit is ever complete without them.” Her must-haves in her closet include boots, cardigans, leggings, textured tights, statement belts and jewelry- and that’s just the shortened version.
After visiting Fashionfille.com, one may question how hard blogging could be? Write a review about a new site selling all vintages pieces or post some likes to a store with great, cheap accessories. But the truth is, she puts hours of work into it, hours that most college students wouldn’t have time for on top of their workload. Posting to the site takes about an hour a day. And when it comes to emailing companies, networking and maintaining the blog, the hours can add up to 15 or so a week. Even during class she is constantly thinking of her next post. “I’m so in love with it, I can’t get my mind off of it,” she says.
With all of her effort thus far, she is hoping her “little baby” will turn into quite a nice career. The marketing major’s goal is to combine fashion and online media and if her blog can take her there, then all the better. Until then, she is enjoying being able to express herself freely to those who love what she loves.
She hopes her readers will continue to share in her passion for fashion. “Fashion, for me, is not about studying every show during Fashion Month or worshiping designers and translating their looks piece for piece to wear myself,” she says. “It's about self-expression, excitement, fun, drama, beauty, and the freedom and creativity it allows.” Much like Fashionfille.com.

Thanks again, Christine!


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