I never showed you great people this outfit! The horror! It looked pretty good in person, I really liked it, and I got a lot of compliments (sorry, toot toot :/). The photographs were just beyond awful, so I edited one of them. A lot. It looks pretty coolio, but you can't really see the outfit.... Sowy.


P.S. I just thought of Gilly from SNL when I typed "Sowy."

i guess...

This blazer was the other way on sale purchase at Urban. I love it! It's the perfect length and I don't have this color in a jacket. The only (teensy) issue I have is that the sleeve length is sometimes uncomfortable; when I bend my elbows it cuts of my circulation and it realllllly hurts!


forever 21 skirt and top
aldo boots
urban outfitters blazer
? green tights


week in chic 012909


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links a la mode 012909


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and the award goes to...

Me! The lovely Saray from My Idea of Fashion gave me the Fabulous Blog Award! Thanks, Saray!


I give the award to:
Lydia, Maegan, Petra, Mary, Shop Therapy, Diana, My Daily Style, and Frances.

Congrats, Ladies!

spit it out


As most of you may know, my Etsy store is officially open, but not stocked. I'm working on filling it with some goodies, but I need your help for a part of that.

I need to know what you guys want! I would much rather make things based on personal requests than just make a bunch of items hoping you will love them. I'm totally open to do custom sales...no, I'm more than open to doing that, I want custom sales!

If you want something made, please email me (fashionfille@gmail.com) or submit a private alchemy request on Etsy. If you just have ideas for things I should make to stock the store, comment here or email me. I'm depending on you, darlings!

As Kourtney Kardashian has said, "We are here for you, Kim. For you!" Likewise, I am here for you, dear readers. For you!


shopping&goodies! jan 28


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Nutella Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. Yes, you read that right. Mmmmmmm!!



dirty laundry!

I'm absolutely honored to introduce this guest blogger, Laura of Dirty Laundry. She's a very cool girl with a very cool blog that covers personal style of her and her peers, fabulous inspiration posts, her (super cute!) boyfriend, plus so much more. When we were talking, she proposed writing a post about Costa Rican (she is a student in CR) and American personal style. I thought the idea was perfect, and I show you lovely readers the result of her proposition. I hand the reins to you, Laura!

xoxo FF

Hey Fashion Fille readers! I'm happy to be a guest writer here, I hope you are happy to read my post. I go to school in Costa Rica and have wanted to write about the diverse personal style I see here. Enjoy!

Dirty Laundry: Costa Rican x American Fashion

One of the reasons I started my blog, Dirty Laundry, was because I was downright appalled with the “fashion” I saw on the streets in Costa Rica (where I have lived for 10 years). I didn’t think that it was possible to have an entire country of people who were so disinterested in what they wore, and the truth is, I was right. Long after I had written off Tico fashion altogether and accepted the fact that I would just have to deal with seeing people in clothes two sizes too small in cheap, unflattering colours, I discovered a haven of chic, an oasis of elan if you will - university students. At the universities here, students put so much effort and creativity into their art and in turn, into their personal style.


Costa Rican fashion is heavily influenced by retro style but embellished with a personal touch. A few trends I have noticed for girls are patterns and details such as bright belts, animal print, grey-scale, and a tendency towards flats. The men, however are heavily influenced by a collection of seemingly contradictory styles such as rockabilly, emo, and the 90’s. In juxtaposition with American style, it is quite obvious that their relationship is one of influencer and interpreter. Below, for example, you can clearly see the influence that late 20th century American pop culture has had on CR style, with fashion icons such as Elvis, James Dean, and Johnny Cash recreated through the amusingly skewed perspective of American history that many Ticos hold.

I should also mention that the hipster-craze is slowly making its way down here by means of relentless American media and has manifested itself in the form of headbands and obnoxious new-rave gear, although I suppose that’s what ‘hipster’ is all about.



My Etsy store is (partly) set up! I'm selling just the headbands right now, but I'm knitting some other accessories, too. Any suggestions? Many of you contacted me about buying one, so if you are serious about it you better get your butt over. My hands are cramping up while making a lot to stock my inventory! I should probably go continue with that...

not you

This is one of the things I bought on way amazing sale at Urban. I showed it to my best friend and she spazzed out! "What? YOU bought that?! It's so...not you! I mean, I like it, but I just never would have guessed..." I have no idea what the hell she is talking about, because I think it's very "me!" Actually, my style is so eclectic that many things could fit into the "me" category. Whatever, chicky, you're a crazy woman anyways.


dress, forever 21
cardi, bdg from urban
boots, madden girl



I had a complete panic attack this morning, it almost ruined my day! I had an outfit picked out that included a dress that I've never worn. I put everything on- the tights, the slip, the tank top. I turn to look in the mirror just to check to make sure everything is decent enough for 6:30 AM, and see this ill fitting garment clinging to me and just not looking too good. I pulled out some belts, tried all different combinations, but nothing looked good. I'm meanwhile freaking out about being late, so I just take everything off and pull on another dress. I'm always rushing in the morning and seriously cannot function without everything layed out for me, from my hair accessories and makeup to my jewelry to my outfit. It really flusters me when I have to pick something out that morning, and I get really stressed out! I'm also really dissapointed becasue my vision for the outfit was much better than reality...such is life. Anyways, the outfit I ended up wearing isn't that great, so you won't see any pictures of it! That's my story for the day. :)

a panic-y knitty person! how relevant!

I put up a poll about buying my handmade knit goods, please take it! I'm considering opening an Etsy store, but I want some feedback before I do. Let me know in the comments if you have an idea, something you want to buy, things I should think about before starting and making things, Etsy tips, anything you want to tell me!



For inviting her to the Fashion Spot, Molly of Molly Cake sent me a thank you package! It included a jacket, a skirt, a scarf, a necklace, a hair bow, a cute little hair tie, a Marc by Marc pencil sharpener (Who knew?!), along with other goodies and white chocolate cranberry cookies!

Thanks, Mol!


here here

As promised, a full post about the Whitney-inspired flower headband.


I knit it on size 6 needles, cast on about 80 stitches, and knit until I felt it was wide enough. The flower is a triple layer garter stitch, very simple. If people are interested, I may sell them.


The color is a deep red; the pictures make it look very bright and almost fuchsia!


I want to make some more, experiment with contrasting headband and flower colors, different borders, putting beads or something else inside the flower, the list just goes on....!


Let me know if you have any questions about the knitting, or if you are interested in a headband!

UPDATE: I am selling these, in my Etsy store. I'm unsure of the volume of people who would buy one, so I'm making a few just to test it out. I would appreciate if you would comment here or email me (fashionfille@gmail.com) if you are seriously interested. Thank you!



Explanation and more detail to come.


week in chic 012209


Fashion Fille shows off her great new buys and her addiction.

Fashion Pulse Daily has the scoop and some pics from the Orla Kiely collection for Target, launching in February.

Runway to Retail asks...Will Michelle be on the cover of Vogue for March?

The Fashionable Housewife talks all about Michelle Obama's fab dress by Jason Wu.

Factio Magazine sits down with Miss Illinois to talk about reality show Countdown to the Crown!


Remember this cool site and the post I wrote about it? Well, guess what?!


"StyleShake the first online fashion design and creative platform has been selected as the one of the Top Twenty Trends in 2009 by the world’s largest cool-hunting communities and is the only UK brand featured, Trend Hunter.

"Recently, Styleshake took the design experience further by asking the users to vote for the new fabric collection's colours. The aim is to only introduce style options that are in demand, to the site and to transform the psychology of the way people shop, making the process more democratic. CEO Iris Ben-David comments: 'StyleShake is all about empowering the users, providing them means to express themselves and celebrate their creativity. We are delighted to offer new ways of collaboration with our users.'

"Trendhunter cites that ‘physical customisation’ is the new craze, as consumers desire much more choice and control when they are purchasing fashion and apparel, wanting to inject their own personality to the products that they purchase. The benefits with StyleShake is that the user literally becomes the fashion designer choosing exact design, style, fabric and colour with point-and-click ease. There are over 10 million possible design combinations, with the existing style options and this is fast growing. StyleShake is an interactive community like no other as users set up profiles and store multiple designs for themselves, members are also encouraged to rate and comment on one another’s creations.

"All StyleShake products are manufactured in the UK and as everything is made to order, there is never surplus stock, which is efficient, ethical and environmentally sound."

If you haven't already gone to the site, now is the time!



shopping&goodies! jan 21

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I had a half-day today! YAY! I have time to make my Whitney headband, hopefully I'll finish it by the weekend.

The half-day is the reason for the subpar outfit. Who wants to look good but feel uncomfortable while testing for 3 hours? You're right: not me.





I'm making one for myself! I've been wanting something like this for a while, and this really gave me the push. If it turns out well, maybe I'll start selling them. We'll see...


Some girl I am really not fond of told me today, "Whoa, I actually kind of like your outfit." This was after I (internally) decided the way I wore these tights was not flattering. I was about to say back, "HA that's funny because I was just thinking how I didn't really love it...!" BUT I refrained. Stupid girl.

These are just one of the pairs of tights I got at Target this weekend. The others are black opaque, black crochet, blue crochet, and a bunch of brown, black, navy and dark purple. I'm also wearing some of my new rings.


How do you loveys like the editing I've been doing the pictures? I'd really appreciate some feedback on it. :)