When I try to cut out my face, it's always in the photo and I have to crop it out. When I want a head to toe picture, the crucial head part is m.i.a. Sigh...

I took Emz's advice from this post and put a scarf on with this dress to disguise the cargo pockets, ech! I'm so happy with the result! Thanks to all of you who gave some very helpful advice! The jacket will be getting some wear soon, also!

dress, millergirl (nicole miller)
blazer, united colors of benneton
boots, aldo
pashmina, street vendor in italy

Geomoda wants me to share this invite code with all of you: wa2244

Sign up, it's a great fashion community site. I'll look forward to seeing you there!


beads and posters

A shot of the necklaces I wore today, with a white beater, bleached cut-offs, a black cardigan, black tights, and black boots.


I made this collage for my brother. It's a ton of hip-hop CD covers, with some actual CDs scattered...


search part-ay

fashiontoast, tfs

Rumi had posted about earrings like these back in June, and I've been craving a pair. I finally have convinced my faja to make me a pair...but he wants some details! I tried to describe them, but I honestly don't even know what they look like off the ear. Can somebody please send me some pictures of the earring off the ear, or anything to help me design them for myself?! It would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Found these on Bleach Black, gives a tad more insight into how they stay on the ear...


week in chic 022609

Links, links, links! Click, click, click!

Fashion Fille has discovered an amazing photographer with stunning work. Come see it with your own eyes!

The Fashionable Housewife has the secret To Isla Fisher’s perfect body In “Confessions of A Shopaholic” plus all the Women’s Shoe Trends For Spring 2009

The New York Fall 2009 fashion shows forecast a shiny and happy season, reports Fashiontribes.

Factio Magazine is still obsessed over Angelina’s gorgeous hair style from the Oscar’s and has the step-by-step guide from her stylist.

Fashion Pulse Daily is still starry-eyed over the Oscars, weighing in on the fashion with our Academy Awards/Oscars Best Dressed of 2009 list.

Runway To Retail is checking out some great sale items at Urban Outfitters this week!

The Curated Life wants you to buy less and buy better per suggestion of Sally Singer from Vogue.


I'm still not feeling great. I will possibly take an outfit photo later, but this is what I have for now...


Question I've been thinking about recently: If a blogger puts up posts that take less work but are of greater quality, is said blogger slacking off and being a "bad blogger?" I'm very curious, please give me your opinions!


don't lie to yourself


You know you've been wanting a flower headband from Fashion Fille Knits. Come buy one, now! You can choose any color, each is made to order. These pictures only showcase a select number of colors I've made recently. The popular colors are cream, black, gray, red, brown, green, blue....the list goes on! I'm also going to start selling flower pins, the flower styles will vary. I will post more pictures of the pins soon!


We can't forget the original inspiration for the headband...


Buy yours at Fashion Fille Knits!

doctor doctor

I had scheduled a doctors appointment for today about 4 months ago, and it turned out I wasn't feeling well! Quite the coincidence, huh? After my appointment I only had two more classes, so I just skipped and came home. I have a whole long list of things to catch up on, I feel like today is the day I will finally get organized! Oh, those Wednesdays.... :)

leggings and cardigan, forever 21
t, hanes
boots, madden girl

How is everyone's week going?

shopping&goodies! feb 25


Fashion Fille
discovered an amazing photographer with stunning work. Come see it with your own eyes!

A Few Goody Gumdrops
loves the dazzling jewelry collection from Designer, Suzanna Dai. Enter to win crystal petal earrings!

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The Well-Heeled Society is giving you a chance to name the NEW pedi-scrub and body scrub inspired by her book's main character, and to win them!

What's Haute Magazine shows you how to get Jennifer Lopez's haute look!

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Couture In The City shows the New York Fashion Week Michael Kors Fall 2009 Collection

Puppies and Worms found an amazing wedding planner.

Shopping and Info loves python and crocodile embossed Italian leather clutches that are so affordable.



While I was looking through my Google Reader for some inspiration for a post, I remembered a page I added to my delicious bookmarks the other day. Zach Gold's page. He's a photographer, and just one picture made such a large impact on me I just had to visit his site. He has several categories of images: action, commission (you may recognize some Motorola ads), fashion, and personal, and let me just tell you, every single photo is absolutely stunning. I proceeded to screen-shot, crop, and upload almost 50 photos. It wouldn't be kind to your browsers to put all of them here, but I will show you some of my favorites and thumbnail the rest. Take a look for yourself at his site, it's just amazing!