As you probably already know, I'm Alloy.com's Prom blogger. Thus, I've been thinking a lot about prom lately. For those of you attending a prom this year, in the future, or have memories of a prom, you'll enjoy these two little tidbits I have to share.

First, look at this dress!

It's being auctioned off for a very recession and parent friendly price AND it's eco-friendly! (Oh, and it's pretty incredible, too.)
Capri Sun and TerraCycle may have the answer to every teen (and parents) heartfelt prom dress wish and it's available now on ebay until Saturday, April 4th. TerraCycle, an eco-friendly company formed around the concept that everything can be reused, teamed up with Capri Sun and fashion designer Justina Blakeney of LA’s Compai, known for rehabilitating “used and abused” clothing, to create a truly one of a kind dress made out of more than 130 Capri Sun drink pouches. And what high schooler didn’t love drinking Capri Sun as a kid?

The only dress of its kind, the 100% green design was unveiled by Race to Witch Mountain Star AnnaSophia Robb during Miami fashion week’s “Ready to Re-Wear Runway Fashion Show” on March 25th. There are currently no plans for the dress to be re-created for retail. The lucky auction winner will not only have a unique designer dress for her once in a lifetime prom, it will likely be the only dress that has also walked down a high-fashion runway show. The EBay bidding start price is $100 and all of the proceeds from the eco-friendly dress will benefit the national chapter of The Boys & Girls Clubs.

How fab is that? I love the zipper in back and the bow. The idea is fantastic. To the lucky girl who wins the dress: congrats and enjoy your prom night!

Secondly, I created my own online prom, and you're all invited! Go here to attend Fashion Fille Academy's prom, or here to create your own! (Don't forget to invite me!)

It's so much fun- you can create your dress, add accessories, and then design your prom from the location to the music to the invites...to your rockin' dance moves! You have got to try it.

See you on the dance floor- I have high expectations for dresses!

third time's the charm

New post at the Alloy prom blog...about dresses! YAY! Come read it here.



Love necklaces like this with a minimalist outfit. Black and gray, gold and orange...bam!

skirt, gap
cardigan, f21
boots, mia
t, hanes
necklace, diy f21


love/hate...part 2

Continued from part one...

Things I love and/or hate...

HATE: Watching Coveted Items Self-Destroy.

I've had these slippers forever. They're SO comfy and soft and warm. Unfortuantely, they are kind of shredding and are such a mess. I need new ones, but it hasn't happened yet. Isn't it sad to see them so gross? :(

LOVE: Bright and Gorgeous Spring Days.

Are words really needed? Didn't think so.

HATE: Empty Toilet Paper Rolls.

To be blunt, I pee a lot. But , I'm still always surprised and pained when I see the empty roll. Ugh, I just hate replacing them!

LOVE: My Chair!

This is what I sit on whenever I spend time with you. I'm sitting in it right now, as a matter of fact! It always gives me a hug even if I don't ask for it.

LOVE/HATE: My bed!

I love my bed. SO SO SO SO SO SO much. It never fails to suck me in and make me feel stupendous...but it also kicks me out in the dark, dank, cold, sad morning. Everyday. Ugh, love/hate relationships are tough.

LOVE: Cheap Accessories.

There you have two bags full of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets- and none were more than 12 bucks! Ah, Forever 21, you never fail.

Whew, that (plus part one) was a long post! I hope you enjoyed and leave me some deets of what you are loving and/or hating.


These past weeks have really been a whirlwind, from my day(s) with teen.com TV, blogging for Alloy, school, organizing school spirit wear, auditioning, casting, organizing, and directing a one-act play, and living life in the spare moments I have. I decided to take some time to look around my room and capture what I'm loving and/or hating right now.

LOVE: Yummy candles.

Banana Republic candle in Fireside lounge. When I did a yoga shoot for teen.com TV (more on that later!), we used this and they gave to me for keeps! I haven't lit it in my room yet, but it still gives off the best aroma and makes my room so homey!

HATE: Favorite Boots Falling Ill.

I'm sure you remember my riding boots. Yeah, well, they're dead. The zipper on the right one broke, the snap on the left one is unattached, the pleather is narsty, and they just look generally dead.

LOVE: Replacing Said Dead Boots!

I went to Nordstrom Rack and found these perfect replacements to last me through the remainder of the season and next season. They're like the deceased boot's hotter twin sis!

HATE/LOVE: Endless Stacks of (free!) Magazines.

Includes Nylon, Self, Cosmo, Interview, Teen Vogue, Glamour, etc....

Sure, I love magazines. But I get a new one everyday, and I can't keep up! The pile by my bed keeps growing and I'm moving at a much slower pace reading them. Maybe over spring break I can just dig in and clear the stack on my nightstand.

LOVE: My New Umbrella!

How cute is this little bugger? It's from Target. I'm so excited to use it on a dreary, dark day...Lily (that's what I named her) will brighten up everyone's mood!

HATE: (accidentally) Ripped Tights.

GAH! I rip so many tights...the tear in these was a surprise though. Ugh, it was the passed boots' fault.

LOVE: Funky Foreign Bags.

My cousin bought me this in Vietnam. It was handmade by these women who sell them on top of beautiful mountains!

Wait, there's more!

See part two here.

one two buckle my shoe

I'm so awful! I haven't been commenting on any of your blogs, nor have I posted a real post in a while. I have a good post being developed at the moment, but here are two outfits from this week. Gah, didn't realize how terrible the quality is until now!

I need to go to sleep...it's super late right now, and I've been spending too much time online (and not enough time sleeping) anyways. See you...later today!


week in chic 032609

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shopping&goodies! mar 25

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color blockage

I look like there should be little bubbles filled with "BLAH" surrounding me.

leggings, target
blazer, xxvii
top, forever 21
boots, aldo

P.S. It's so nice out today! I want to go and... do something outside. I have nothing to do outside, though! (And way too many things to do inside.) Such is life.


second time around

My second Prom Blog post on Alloy.com is ready to read! Ch-ch-check it out. :)



I went dress shopping this weekend! I already have my dress (have you seen it yet?!), but we were looking for my friend.

How fantabulous is this dress?! If I didn't already have my prom dress, this one would be mine.

It reminds me of Serena's dress in last weeks episode...

and can I just say...WHAT?!

floral stripes

Such a great combination, no? I love mixing totally clashable patterns.

These tights are a very recent buy, the same day as the shedding cardigan. I'm in love! They may quite possibly make my legs look larger than reality, but that's fine...they're neon and floral!!

dress, miss sixty
tights, hue
cardi, forever 21
boots, target



I reorganized my nail polish cabinet...and then painted my nails! Wow, I have a lot of nail polish. It's a little excessive, me thinks.



I'm almost positive Rumi has this cardigan. I love it, but it sheds like a kitty! Oh, well...it's ridiculously soft and comfy and has super long sleeves!

cardi, urban outfitters
shirt/dress, target
leggings, forever 21
boots, target

I guess I had already taken all of my rings off when I took these pictures. Sucks.