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Fashion Fille swerves a little off topic to a rising music star- but, don't worry, he still has excellent style!

Factio Magazine checks out beauty products from the south of France!

Fashion Pulse Daily
picks the four must-haves from the Tracy Feith for Target Collection.

Quinta Trends
looks for the perfect coat for the South America winter.

RedPoppy Fashion
is in love with sparkling cocktail rings in a rainbow of colors, especially ones from M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza's ornate line.

Angelina inspires Runway to Retail with her look from Cannes...here's how you can steal the style!

winnie- NOT the pooh!

I had the huge honor to interview the wonderful Winnie, founder and designer of the gorgeousness that is Winifred Grace Jewelry. Read on to find out her inspirations, style icons, and first coveted pair of shoes!

Let's jump right in- which piece in your collections is your favorite?

I am a big fan of the rhinestone fringe pieces. I love their texture and movement and the fact they have such a vintage feel but are still modern.

What inspires you?

THAT is a loaded question. So many different things inspire me . . . textiles, textures, color, contrast, photographs, fashion, flowers, food, architecture, interior design, sand, sky.

Who are your style icons?

I love Cate Blanchett, Kate Hudson, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller. Boho chic, sophisticated, elegant, natural beauties who aren't afraid to take a chance. They don't get it right EVERY time, but when they do (which, in my opinion, is MOST of the time) they really nail it . . .

Tell me about your past career path.

As a child in Miami I had a VERY small accessories business where I made hand painted barrettes and adorned hair combs which I sold to a local boutique. I always knew I wanted to have my own business designing and selling my creations, but as I got older that fire slowly but surely was put out - by me and my preconceived notions of what I thought I should be doing with my life. I graduated from college with a major in Spanish and minor in Art History. I was convinced I would go back to graduate school for International Business, but while living in DC, working for National Geographic Magazine in my mid twenties I had an epiphanal moment and realized what I had been missing that passion I had felt for creating things. At 26 I returned to graduate school for Graphic Design. That time in school was a HUGE awakening of my heart and soul as I was totally devoted to developing my creativity into something concrete and useful. Upon graduating I moved to Chicago for a job at a boutique design firm where I worked for 3 years. I started Winifred Grace as a part time venture during my last year at the firm and in 2003 I left the firm to pursuit Winifred Grace full time.

When did you know you were in for a fabulous life of jewelry design?

Years ago a dear friend of mine hosted my very first trunk show and that sort of sealed the deal for me. I loved seeing people's reactions to the designs, and those first sales were unforgettable. The day of the show I borrowed the car of my boyfriend at the time and totaled it on the way to the show so every penny I made I gave to him! I still feel awful about that.

I have 10 plus generations of jewelers in my family. Do you follow in anyone's footsteps?

My maternal grandmother was an artist studying painting, sculpture and jewelry design at San Miguel de Allende's Art Institute for years. She is most certainly my inspiration! In fact two years ago I studied in the very same classroom she studied metal-smithing back in the 60s. She passed away while I was in college and I think of her every day, wishing she were here to collaborate and share with. It's a really powerful feeling to know that she is so much a part of what I do.

Are there certain materials you enjoy working with more than others?

I like reflective surfaces and anything with texture or powerful color. I really enjoy layering and creating repetitive patterns.

The "inspiration" section on your site could be considered a blog, which I love, by the way! Do you follow any blogs, or just blog yourself?

Some (aka my fiance) would say I'm a little obsessed with blogs.

How would you say your latest collection(s) and your classic collection differ?

Well, the Classic Collection came first. That's when I first introduced the clear crystal rhinestones and creating a textile like fringe with them. To me they are very reminiscent of the clear crystal icicles which are so prevalent here in Chicago's winters. The Spring Collection is an extension of that Classic Collection but it has been infused with color, similar to the buds and blossoms we so anxiously await come April/May.

Did you study fashion design? If so, where? If not, how did you learn everything you know now?

I think all design principles whether it is fashion, architecture, jewelry, or graphic design tend to extend across the board. The same ideas about hierarchy, color theory, contrast, texture that I learned while studying graphic design can be applied to jewelry.

What is your earliest fashion related memory?

I had some leather/wooden clogs that my mom bought me in Coconut Grove in 1976. They were my absolute favorites. I wore them EVERYWHERE and with EVERYTHING.

Who are your top 5 designers (excluding yourself!)?

Jewelry or clothing? I like a lot of vintage designs and that goes for both jewelry and clothing. I am completely in love with antique tribal jewelry. . . the intricate beading and patterns are amazing! Favorites for clothing would have to be designers who make clothes I would actually wear - I just discovered a great line called Humanoid. Love Calypso. Really anything that's comfortable and natural feeling that's not too tight!

This one's a toughie- if you could only wear one, what accessory would you wear?

My engagement ring.

All quotes and images should be attributed to Winifred Gundeck, designer and founder of Winifred Grace.

Super thanks to Winnie and Courtney!

To see all of her designs and learn more about Winnie, check out her awesome website.


shopping&goodies! may 27

This week, all of us Shopping and Goodies members took the AA bodysuit and put our own style spin on it. See how each of us did our thang...

Fashion Fille put a rock ‘n roll spin on her sexy-sweet bodysuit. Click to see how she accessorized!

A Few Goody Gumdrops shows you how it started with a Black Jersey Strapless Ruched Bodysuit!

Being High Maintenance, not Bitchy asks how would you wear this AA bodysuit?

Quinta Trends looks at the bodysuit with a very warm coat.

Shopping and Info used a black bodysuit to channel Angelina Jolie’s corset dress.

The Bare Skinny shows you the evolution of the American Apparel Ruched Bodysuit.

TheFind Blog shows you how to style the Strapless Bodysuit!

off topic

One may get the idea that this is a fashion blog, written by a passionate fashion-y girl- the title kindasorta gives it away. This is true, but I'm not only a fashion-y girl- oh ho no! Another thing that makes me all fuzzy inside is music. I claim to enjoy almost all music excepting country and rap. But, as all rules have exceptions, I love Kanye West's rap tunes, and I adore even more Chris Young. No, not Chris Brown. Chris Young. What, you've never heard of him?!

....awkward silence, me making you feel stupid for not knowing CB....

That's ok, don't feel bad. He's up and coming; mark my words. This kid has got some major talent, and an awesome producing company backing him up to boot. His lyrics are impressively genuine and extremely well-written; all of his beats are uber-catchy. Oh, and I may have forgotten to mention that he dresses excellently and he could fit in with this Jak&Jil shot.

The one sentence he uses to describe himself?

Chris Young (born July 30, 1989), formerly known as YoungOne is an American music phenom.

I would have to agree, Chris.

Join Chris's facebook group, follow him on twitter (and me too!), and check out his official website. You can grab his EP for free right now- take the opportunity! Let me know how much you love Chris Young- if you can tear yourself away from Bottles of Fiji Water....



I was challenged to create a Fashion Fille-ized outfit centering around this versatile American Apparel bodysuit. The color I chose was cherry red, even though there's oodles of hue options. The pieces in the outfit all work together to shriek, "ROCK 'N ROLL CHIC, BAY-BAY!" What do you think? I would wear this ensemble in an instance. That is, if I could afford that perfecto fringe mini or the momentous Chanel. Oh, asnd those ridiculously sexy motorcycle booties?! McQueen, come ON! Sigh...



Where do I even begin....I guess I could start with a simple apology, but that just wouldn't even begin to cover it. I could explain where I've been and my excuse for sucking majorly, but I don't have anything. I could give you some awesome photos I've found, but I'm empty handed. I could also promise to supply some majorness in the next week, but I just can't make that promise right now.

What can I say, I'm busy. I find myself wanting to post, but either having nothing to publish or getting distracted and procrastinating like no other. I am still getting through my Reader and loving every second of it, but I'm not commenting...shame on me.

But, the truth is that I haven't posted anything of real quality for some time now. My stats are lowering, and I don't have the same urge to post everything I love. It could be because I am diffusing my passion in several different places (twitter mostly, plus delicious, and some projects at home), or because I'm finished school and I'm not putting in as much effort in my clothing nor my daily routine. Whatever it is, I'm not- I repeat, NOT!- quitting the blog. It means more to me than I could ever explain, as do all of you dear readers. Please, stick with me! The real me will return briefly. :/

I'm working on some awesome things currently, so hopefully that will be something exciting for us all.

Have a faboosh holiday weekend- you deserve it!


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Fashion Fille loves colors- and welovecolors.com! Find out what’s her favorite on the awesome tights site!

Fashion Pulse tests (and not surprisingly loves) the new Sally Hansen airbrush spray foundation — find out why!

Quinta Trends loves the new Paulo Mendez collection.

RedPoppy brings you CHANEL’s Resort/Cruise 2009 collection which was magically set on Venice’s Lido Beach, Coco Chanel’s favorite summer getaway.

The Curated Life discovered the wildly sculptural wigs Charlie le Mindu weaves.



Love these shoes. And this bag. I wore them both together with a black dress to a party this past weekend.

My toes look strange.


Have you seen my newly DIYed studded backpack?

I don't think you have. :)

Oh, and my new black and silver patent Docs have made a cameo on Fashion Fille...but nothing official! Would you like to see the pictures of our first day together?

P.S. I know I already posted this outfit, but they're the best pictures I have with the backpack! Sorry!

shopping&goodies! may 20

Fashion Fille loves colors- and welovecolors.com! Find out what’s her favorite on the awesome tights site!

A Few Goody Gumdrops and Chickdowntown.com are giving away a necklace from the House of Harlow by Nicole Richie. Enter to win!

Bags, Bling and Beauty invites you to check out swimwear tips from Shoshanna Gruss.

Couture In The City shops sandals and saves with Smartbargains.com.

Raging Rouge blows her diet with a 2,000 calorie treat by MAX Factor.

Shopping and Info found Blake Lively’s brown cross body bag.

Spork Fashion braves the heat to check out the Silver Spoon Dog and Baby Gifting Suite. These are some spoiled babies!

Less sugar, less money, less waste - Spork Living asks, why wouldn’t you want a Soda Stream machine? Make Your Own Soda With Soda Stream!

Style Eyes would love to invest in a beautiful, flattering and expertly draped dress.

The Bare Skinny knows where Kim Kardashian got her Balmain inspired vest.

Suffering from a breakup? The Well-Heeled Society breaks it down with The Relationship Journalist Lisa Steadman’s new workbook.



Who loves tights? (totally me.)

Who loves leggings? (do I even have to answer?!)

Who loves COLORS?! (ME ME ME!)

Alright, so you may be thinking, "what is wrong with this girl and why is she asking questions to her keyboard?" You may also be thinking, "oh, is she going to talk about that fabulous website that sells tights, leggings, and even more awesome-ness?" Well, if you were thinking the latter, you're so right. We Love Colors is definitely one of the coolest sites around (other than Fashion Fille, of course!). They sell the biggest variety of colored tights around- yes, more than American Apparel. They have tights, fishnets, footless tights, thigh highs and knee highs, socks, gloves, shoelaces, mini dresses, bodywear, dancewear...must I continue?

I had the chance to get my own pair of tights...and, knowing my true admiration of both leggings and tie-dye, I chose a rocking pair of blue and green tie-dyed leggings- called splash on the site! I haven't even gotten to wear them yet, I was so excited I had to share with you all first!

I have one favor to ask of you: go to We Love Colors and pick out your favorite color of tights and let me know in the comments. A giveaway could be possible... ;)

P.S. Follow WeLoveColors on twitter... and me too!

such whim

A few weeks ago I heard about the Whimsy line, which includes rings that can be customized with unlimited bead colors and styles. We all know how I feel about rings, so I immediately jumped on the opportunity to receive my own Whimsy ring. Black and gray look awesome with...well, everything, so I chose those perfect neutrals to be the foundation of my ring. Not too long ago, I finally got my special piece in the mail...

How cool, right?! The best part is that I can get tons more beads to switch into my ring- so, really, this one ring is really many, many, more rings. Who doesn't love that?!

Thanks, Susan!

Find out where to get your own Whimsy ring at their website!



It's been a while since I've done an outfit post, but I have been taking outfit photos! Over the past few weeks, this is how I've presented myself:

dress, gap
booties, payless
belt, target

shirt and leggings, forever 21
jacket, itallllly
shoes, converse
scarf, urban

top, sweetees
skirt, vintage
shoes, target
cardigan, banana republic

cardigan, urban
top, free people
shorts, diy
boots, doc martens

Notice anything...new and exciting?!

me and my best friend <3>

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Fashion Fille has yet another totally awesome giveaway. This time, she’s giving out free Yeah Yeah Yeah’s swag! Enter now to win!

The Fashionable Housewife shows us how to get a Toned Tummy In Just 4 Minutes A Day!

Factio Magazine is giving away a luxury 3-piece set of luggage by Heys USA (Retail Value: $980)

Fashion Pulse Daily dishes on Almay’s eco-friendly mascara, Anna Sui for Target, and more!

Quinta Trends talks with Ricky Gonzales about his fashion brand VMarie. Latin flavour from Phoenix

Runway To Retail went to Target’s Bullseye Bazaar which attracted buzz and celebs like Private Practice’s Kate Walsh and Gossip Girl co-stars Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick

The Fashionable Gal is giving away Jill Mansel’s new book “An Offer You Can’t Refuse”. Enter for a chance to win this book!


shopping&goodies! may 13

Fashion Fille has yet another totally awesome giveaway. This time, she’s giving out free Yeah Yeah Yeah’s swag! Enter now to win!

The Fashionable Housewife found the 4 most comfortable sandals for spring and summer.

A Few Goody Gumdrops is giving away a Roncato train case filled with Sue Devitt, Stila, China Glaze and more beauty goodies. Enter to win!

Couture In The City shares with us that May is IMAN month! Check throughout this month for exclusive giveaways and an IMAN interview!

Handbag du Jour has got the scoop - shop the one-day private Ted Rossi sample sale this week in NYC.

Princess Dominique Dishes Fashion is BACK and she’s spreading the fashion love Fabulous ALDO Handbags UNDER $50! Get them while they last…

Puppies and Worms loves the Magnolia Bakery vanilla cupcake recipe.

Quinta Trends talks with Ricky Gonzales about his fashion brand VMarie.

Shopping and Info found out how to eat 70% off at celebrity favorite restaurants like Café Med.

Style Eyes indulges in a bit of guilt free shopping at the Ethical one-stop-shop!

The Fashionable Gal is giving away Jill Mansel’s new book “An Offer You Can’t Refuse”. Enter for a chance to win this book!

The Well-Heeled Society shows you python stilettos so high, you can kiss the sun!

What’s Haute Magazine’s beauty editor Allison Croce gives a beauty how-to on achieving a flawless face!


samples galore

Now that you've finished shipping for your momma, it's time to get yourself some great discounts at the Be & D Sample Sale this week!

30-75% off Handbags, Shoes, Belts and More including Iconic and Celeb Favorites including GARBOS and KAN KAN’S and some ONE-OF-A-KINDS!

Some examples of the fab pricing:

Cosette: Was $995; now $325
Kan Kan Portfolio: Was $595; now $200
Greta Clutch: Was $595; now $125
Crawford: Was $995; now $200

You can check it out on both Wednesday, May 13 and Thursday, May 14, from 9am – 7pm.

Be & D
35 West 36th Street (between 5th/6th Avenue)
10th Floor
NYC 10018

Nearest Subway: B,D,F,V,N,R,Q,W @ 34th Street, Herald Square

Cash/Major Credit Cards Accepted.

For more information contact: 212 629 3242 or info@beandd.com

If you live in or near NYC, you have got to go and score some goodies!

try again

You know the saying, just as one door closes, another opens? Well, that's so true! Now that one giveaway is over, I have more freebies for you!

Anyone listen to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's? Anyone admire Karen O's unpredictable and funky pairings for her performances? Anyone want some free YYY's swag?!

You could win a totally free copy of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's latest album, It's Blitz (which is fantastic, by the way), and a free poster! The CD is new, so before you go out to buy it, just enter to win it here.

Alright, enough of yelling at me! I'll help you get the stuff...all you have to do is enter here. Give me your name and email, and I'll do a drawing for the winner!

While you dream of winning, check out this awesome YYY's info and craziness.

Awesome interview with Karen O's costume designer and stylist.

Yeah Yeah Yeah's are touring the US starting this month, here are the dates and locations:

5/23 Quincy, WA - Sasquatch Festival
5/26 Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre On Sale 5/2, 10am
5/27 Detroit, MI - Clutch Cargos On Sale 4/29,10am
5/28 Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall On Sale 5/2, 10am
5/30 Minneapolis, MN - First Ave On Sale 5/2, 10am
5/31 Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Club On Sale 5/2, 10am
6/2 St. Louis, MO - The Pageant On Sale 5/1, 5pm
6/3 Kansas City, MO - The Beaumont On Sale 5/9, 10am
6/6 Mountain View, CA - Live 105 BFD
6/12 Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo
7/31 Jersey City, NJ - All Points West

I'll give you a month- until June 10th! Enter now! U.S. entries, only, please! :)


pow pow powpowpow

Hey everyone. How is your week going? I can and can't believe it's already Thursday- this week seemed to go super slowly, but looking back, it did go fast!

I'm going on the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this weekend on Mother's Day. I'm so excited, this will be my 4th going!

I'm knitting an apple cozy! How cute is this?!

Just 8 days until I finish high school. Forever. 2 more Fridays, 1 more Monday, 3 regular school days, 2 AP tests, 1 Saturday, 1 Sunday...whichever way I look at it, it's unbelievable. Time goes so ridiculously fast; I can't even explain how I'm feeling.

rain suckkkks

I've been very uninspired lately, it could be the endless rain (it's been rainy everyday for weeks, it's awful.) , or my anticipation for my overwhelmingly exciting future, or my unfulfillable boredom, but my desire to blog has as a result decreased. You've probably noticed by the lack of quality posts lately. I feel like I can't even see anymore, my eyes are getting blurry so often from staring at the computer, and my fingers are frequently cramping up. Don't even think that I'm considering stopping Fashion Fille, that's not even in the back of my mind. I just need a few days to detox and focus on other activities (I wish I could run outside...rain sucks!).

Other a related note, does it seem like many other bloggers are similarly uninspired and are taking breaks? Hm, interesting...

There's some awesome things I have coming your way, stay tuned.

dress (worn as shirt), h&m
skirt, thrifted
belt, forever 21

Have a great weekend, everyone! I love you all!

P.S. I apologize for posting those 3 videos from teen.com TV. I didn't realize at first that they started immediately, and then after I knew, I kept them up for a few days, but finally took them down and replaced them with links. I absolutely cannot stand when a blog has music or videos that start as soon as the page loads, and I'm so sorry for making my own site irritating in that way. I won't do it again and I hope you'll forgive! :)

P.P.S. Winner of the Tolani scarf contest, please email me (fashionfille@gmail.com) by Sunday, May 10th, or I'll choose a new winner. Thanks!

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Fashion Fille created a very thorough and inclusive gift guide for Mother’s Day. What are you going to get your Mommy Dearest?

The Fashionable Housewife is giving away over $335 of prizes for Mother’s Day!!! Click Here To Enter!!

Factio Magazine
checks out the hottest art/fashion party during Art Chicago - ART ROCKS!

Fashion Pulse Daily
gets a sneak peak of the new RACHEL Rachel Roy collection for Macy’s,
and it’s love at first sight.

Mother’s Day fashion special at Quinta Trends.

Takashi Murakami and high-end retailer Louis Vuitton collaborated before, but the latest installation is quite something. See it on Runway To Retail

Crystal-inspired designs overtake clothes, accessories and home decor. And they’re starting to grow on The Curated Life

The Fashionable Gal
is holding a Max Factor Vivid Inspiration Giveaway! Be sure to enter your outfit ideas for a chance to win!


shopping&goodies! may 6

This week, Shopping and Goodies has a Mother's Day theme! Check out all these great links...

Fashion Fille created a very thorough and inclusive gift guide for Mother’s Day. What are you going to get your Mommy Dearest?

A Few Goody Gumdrops is giving away a Hana Elite ceramic flat iron for Mother’s Day. Enter to win!

Being High Maintenance, not Bitchy shows you how to give some lovin’ to the one who loves you most.

Couture In The City would like to share some fabulous gift ideas for you this Mother’s Day. Enter for your chance to win Space NK Giveaway!

Puppies and Worms thinks you should get gift certificates from restaurants for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a fashion special at Quinta Trends

Shopping and Info found great Mother’s Day gift ideas so your mom can feel like a celebrity.


without futher ado....


I have chosen the winner for the Tolani scarf giveaway....highlight the next line for the winner!


Email me, Kaitlyn, for all the info!

I will post the winning entry in a few hours... it's totally awesome! :)

going well

I've tired of my wardrobe, but I know adding a few exciting elements will give new life to my clothes. I was looking for a really cool and trendy pair of sandals for this summer, but was not having much luck...until yesterday. I was looking for some random items at Target, and strolled through the shoe department (of course!). I spotted these shoes and grabbed my size...and they fit perfectly! They're so Ann D, strappy, trendy, and super cool...basically fulfilling every requirement I wanted.

What do you think? I can't wait to wear them- when it finally stops raining.






Ashley (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)