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Fashion Fille has a behind-the-scenes look at Dolce and Gabanna's Spring/Summer 2010 show. Famous faces are spotted backstage!

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Shopping and Info found the leather jacket worn by Elena on Vampire Diaries.

SomeoneSpoilMe.com is giving away a FREE PLAID SHIRT from Chick Downtown and is offering 20% off all week long Check it Out!

Style Eyes is in love, she takes a trip to Evening Shoe Heaven.

TheFind Blog is getting set for the fall social season with fabulous and festive earrings from Pippa Small, Orhan, and Isharya.

What's Haute Magazine heads to Brooklyn for Self Salon's Blogger Beauty Night!


she's aight

I'm not going to pretend I don't love The Hills. The City ain't too bad, either. The show sucks you in and defintiely succeeds in entertaining the viewer. But, that's where the positives end. The characters on these shows are obviously just that: characters. If it was a real reality show, it would focus around these girls and guys trying to get acting gigs, designing lines for discount stores (read ahead for more on that...) or making appearances at skeevy clubs. But, we see them going to "work" and eating. A lot of eating. How do they stay so skinny?! Alas, I digress. Lauren Conrad, of Hills notoriety, has designed a collection for Kohl's. (See? I told you I would talk about this!) It sure is not anything exciting or unique, or really even great. But, she "designed" basics that are definitely wearable and affordable. If I was told to buy whatever I might wear, I would pick out the cardigans, the skinny jeans, a dress, and the slouchy tees. Sounds just Lauren's style--chic basics. Hollywire.com has a video of Lauren talking about her new line and how she's going to show it--check that out after you look at my snooze-worthy basic yet admittedly chic picks.

it seems so dark...


D&G SS2010

Who do I spot? Bryan Boy, stunningly sexy models, Dolce and Gabbana themselves, Pat McGrath, and more starring faces. The allure of backstage at a fashion show will never be lost, at least not until I see it with my own eyes.



I got dressed thinking the weather and the day's schedule would allow for lots of layers, including tights and leather boots. Once I went outside, however, and ran some errands, I soon realized I was dressed inappropriately. Thus, I transformed myself to adapt to the day!

Much better.


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Fashion Fille wants to supply you with a case of all-natural (and delicious!) zero calorie soda. You can feel confident still enjoy soda! Enter now, time’s running out!

A Few Goody Gumdops is giving away a to-die-for croco Zipsavoy Handbag from Stuart Weitzman. Enter to Win!

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TheFind Blog found a fab a pair of classic leather riding boots from Danish designer DAY Birger et Mikkelsen for under $300!


HA that's the lamest title ever. HA!

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Um, I have a confession. These pictures are a week old...I just was saving them becuase I haven't had my memory card for my camera for a few days, but I'm getting it back today! I'm sorry, I suck. These floral shorts don't, though! They're very flowy, pretty, and like nothing I've seen recently. I love Forever 21!


and now it's over

As promised, I invite you all to peer into my twisted mind and see the looks I favored from this past weeks shows. This Style.com lookbook contains my the outfits and pieces I liked best from almost every single designer. Please look through and let me know what you think.

I was making commentary throughout the week on Twitter. My thoughts at this point are:
  • Chanel Iman, Lily Donaldson, and a few others managed to get themselves into pretty much every show. And, man, did they work it.
  • Hems were goin' from floor length, to tea length, to uber-short, to mid-thigh, and all the awkward spots in between.
  • You know how I feel about Erin x RVCA....
  • Zac Posen's collection was flight attendant gone crazy psychedelic. I loved it.
Overall, I was indifferent about this season's shows. There were some really great pieces and styling, but nothing was new or exciting. I hope that the European shows will bring something new. In the meantime, we can just hope!



I'm kind of struggling with taking outfit photos in my dorm. The lighting sucks, the layout of the room doesn't allow for that many options of where I put my camera, and I don't have the normal tri-pod here (I've been using this dinky mini one that actually broke today...). I'll try to find a solution, but I'm just not at the step of taking them outside on my college campus. I may be pretty fearless and confident, but not that fearless and confident. My roommate can take them sometimes, but it's tough to find a time where we both have time and I'm in the outfit and she isn't busy with school work. I would appreciate some suggestions from anyone who has had this dilemma in the past. Thanks!

This is what I wore today...

Oh, and have a certain method of covering fashion week. I go on style.com every night, look through that day's shows, and add the ones that make an impact to my lookbook. I'll have some commentary soon! To get up to the minute updates from me, follow me on twitter.

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Fashion Fille has a really cool giveaway where you can win a massive pack of all-natural, calorie-free Zevia sodas! It will help you stay in shape so you can wear all the Spring 2010 trends!

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TheFind Blog picks their favorite fall accessories from Stephani Greeenfield’s (founder of NY’s SCOOP boutique) new “Curations” collection for HSN.

Diva in a Carry On thinks every traveling diva should pamper herself with this amazing body souffle from Voutre Vu!



Leopard tights. RAWR.

I do speak English--promise. And I will say, in English, that I'm in lust with these tights. Leopard legwear, yesssss. Also, I had fun editing these. :)

Maybe I should get some help with my English. A 3-year-old could have written a more comprehensive post.