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Thank you so much to Fantasy Jewelry Box for doing a feature on me! Great post. Hit up Fantasy Jewelry Box for some beautiful, on-trend, and very stylish pieces. See above for my favorites. Thanks again!


covet it?

Covet Shop is the latest high-end consignment shop hitting the web. They sell strictly vintage and it-pieces at a fraction of retail prices, not seconds or leftovers. You can also consign your own loved items and make some cash! Get an exclusive interview with half of the Covet Shop couple/creators/team, Nancy Chuang. Keep reading to get the insider information!

What are your backgrounds? Where did you go to school, and was it for fashion?

I have a background in fashion design and marketing. My design degree is from Parsons School of Design and my marketing degree is from The University of Maryland. Gregg is a very talented web and graphic designer. He studied graphic design and art history at The University of Massachusetts.

When you met, were you both already interested in making something like Covet Shop happen, or did you discuss it and create the idea together?

We created the idea together. We both share a passion for style and aesthetics and wanted to put our experiences together to create a unique business that is rare and limitless.

Is it tough working together as a couple?

There are definitely good and bad things about working together as a couple. You have to learn to separate business and personal.

What makes Covet Shop different from all the other online sample sale websites?

We are a reseller that sells “pre-owned” merchandise. Our merchandise is sourced from individuals who are looking to sell items they own. Each piece is hand selected, unique and one-of-a-kind. I don’t see us an online sample sale but rather a platform to help bridge a gap between the seller who wants to clean their closet and the buyer who doesn’t want to pay retail.

What is your favorite accessory?

I love shoes and bags. They complete any outfit and you can never have too many.

If you only had to wear one accessory for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Definitely shoes! Shoes are a form of expression. You can tell a lot by a person by what’s on their feet.

What's your earliest fashion related memory?

When I was 3, my Mom purchased a new fall outfit for me--a dress, sweater, tights and Mary Janes. It was August but I was so excited to wear it, I didn’t care it was 100 degrees. My Mom left me for a few minutes and I decided to put the new outfit on. Mom was stunned that I was able to fully dress myself at that age (tights and all) and refused to take it off, even covered in sweat.

What inspires you?

Anything creative…fashion, movies, art, food. People and traveling are also very inspirational.

Who are your all-time favorite style icons?

Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Kate Moss.

Who are your top 5 favorite designers?

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga, Frida Giannini for Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Marc Jacobs.

Do you read any blogs? Which ones are your favorites?
I do! A few fashion and a celebrity ones. I love fashionista.com and perezhilton.com. We also have a Covet Shop blog where I am a contributing editor.
All the items above are available right now...but they sell quickly, so move fast. Click on the image to shop. Follow Covet Shop on Twitter, and visit their site, too! Oh, and while you're at it, give me a shout!


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Fashion Fille appreciates the classic beauty held in pearl jewelry.

The Fashionable Gal is giving away a CLARISONIC! Enter before October 31st!!

A Few Goody Gumdrops is giving away a to-die-for Sydney Evan Bracelet with dangling diamond Hamsa sign. Enter to Win!

Be Seen In Hollywood at Downtown Los Angeles Fashion week lights, camera, action!!!

Being High Maintenance, not Bitchy lists the 12 most annoying types of Facebook (& Twitter) users

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Fashion Hippo Lucky Mag collaborates with HSN to create a capsule collection of Rebecca Minkoff and Kooba Bags and Rebecca Taylor Clothing.

Quinta Trends loves DAM new collection: for a happy summer

Raging Rouge kicks off three days of featuring the best lipstick and lip gloss shades for Fall 2009.

Shopping and Info loves black leather pants as seen on Blake Lively for the holidays.

SomeoneSpoilMe.com has great ideas for cheap Halloween Decor!

StyleMaven is inspired by the current “Maharaja” exhibit in London’s V&A museum and has found some opulent Indian inspired fashions to take on the trend including Isharya Moon coral earrings, Giuseppe Zanotti, and a Marc Jacobs clutch.

The Fashionable Bambino is giving away TWO pairs of Pediped Soft-Soled Baby & Toddler Shoes. Giveaway ends Nov 8th at 11:59pm EST.

The Fashionable Housewife shows us the Five Must-Have Tall Boots for Fall 2009 / Winter 2010.

TheFind Blog has spotted the perfect pair of over the top over-the-knee-boots from Jimmy Choo.


the hot couple

I love celebrity couples- mostly because they remind me of a fairytale, but they reflect the endings that the Disney movies never included. Messy divorces, heartbroken fans, and screwed-up children. The couples that contradict that stereotype, like Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. Catch some insider vids from the Tony and Eva London Fog photoshoot. You can see the shoot and some quotes from Eva about working with her hubby here.

it's been a while

It really has been a while since an outfit post...

What I've been wearing recently. I hope this will hold you over for a little bit; this week won't have any outfits worth posting, not with studying irrelevant French grammar and elasticity and externalities...but, HALLOWEEN! So soon! And I'm so excited. Whoever can guess what I'm being wins something fun! :)


the girl with the pearl earrings


These are the most recently circulating pearl earrings in my own personal collection. I used to stray away from wearing the gold-set studs, for I was convinced they were too small and boring for my own taste. Well, they happen to be the perfect complement to a heavy gold statement necklace or a flashy top. Nothing beats the classic pearl earring- nothing. On the other side of the earring spectrum, the long chandelier earrings were a gift handed down from my grandma. I received them just a few days ago, and have left them out to admire. I love how they effuse such elegance and drama, and I cannot wait to wear them.

If you don't have any pearl pieces for yourself, now is as good a time as any to get some! I really love this pearl lariat necklace from Mikimoto pearls, and they also have some simple and beautiful pearl earrings and necklaces. If they're good enough for Carrie Bradshaw, they are good enough for you!


hug and makeup

(Make sure you turn up your volume high, the audio is quite low. Sorry!)
Thanks Nikki!

Here's the link to the T-Post I have,
and the FreshMinerals website.

Thanks for watching!

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Fashion Fille ponders if Gen Y is becoming tragically inarticulate.

The Fashionable Bambino invites you to enter our Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Wubbzy Goes Boo DVD Giveaway! TWO winners! Contest ends Friday 10/23!

The Fashionable Gal is giving away a Clarisonic! Not only that, it’s a PINK one!! Just donate to Fashionable Gals For A Cure, and you’ll be entered to win a pink Clarisonic of your very own! Contest ends 10/31.

The Budget Fashionista wants to remind you that you only have until October 27 to tell them why you’re a Maxxinista and get a chance to Win a $500 Shopping Spree to TJ Maxx. Hurry and enter today!!

A Few Goody Gumdrops finally found the perfect Little Black Dress from Twenty8Twelve! Do you agree?

Being High Maintenance, not Bitchy is celebrating her birthday! Tell her your favorite post and you could win!

Fashion Hippo showcases the Best Over-the-Knee Bootsin Every Heel Heigh.

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Quinta Trends shows Karina Latorre last collection.

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StyleMaven relies on Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and Calma Mask for skin care emergencies.

TheFind Blog is excited about the Anna Sheffield for Target jewelry collection and we can’t wait to get our hands on our favorite picks from the vintage inspired necklaces, earrings and “charm-ing” bracelets.

What’s Haute Magazine’s beauty editor spends some time with the hair master, Frederic Fekkai.


new nirvana

Hollywire.com has the latest Teen Vogue grunge-inspired editorial. Here's a peek; click here for more!



New from I Don't Like Mondays...

Cool mask, right? New from Shin Murayama.


all comes back to the keyboard

I've really noticed over the past few months how our generation is becoming less and less articulate. Many job "interviews" these days are started off with a LinkedIn profile or a splash page, instead of the ubiquitous and notorious interview where you are pressed with pointless questions just to test your level of nervousness, to eventually might come back for another interview. Of course, skills to orally express yourself are obviously still extremely important, but other types of skills are becoming just as important.

I'm aware of my own incoherency ever so often, and do try to work on it. I have a few friends that share this oh-so-endearing quality with me, and also share another quality- the ability and passion to write. I'd be the first one to say that I can write a blog post or even an essay faster, better, more efficiently, and with more voice and personality than I could have an in-depth conversation about [insert topic here]. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm shy or quiet. That has never been an issue for me. It's not not that I'm anti-social, or boring, or too stuck-up to talk to anyone. I love meeting people and having random conversations. I'm not even insecure about my weakness. It's just that I've grown up--and am still growing up--to become a bit of a tech geek, if you will, who not only feels more natural in front of a keyboard, browsing her feed reader, emailing whilst G-chatting, and editing some HTML, but is good at that digital multi-tasking. So, I love what I'm decent at. Is that a problem? Doesn't seem like it...at least not yet.

No real point to this post, I've just been thinking about it for a while. Thoughts?


i know, i know

Finally, here it is! Watch to find out who won the Zevia contest!

God, am I spacey or what?

Here is the I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell contest, and the Chickdowntown velvet leggings giveaway.

Love you all!


double decker

Thanks to Erica Anenberg for the gorgeous and so totally awesome initial necklace and double finger ring. I've been wearing both religiously ever since I received them! I'm also really loving the jewel cluster design (which for some reason is not online) she has, so much so that I want to order it for myself to add to the family.

(Sorry for the bad picture quality; I'll take some outfit photos with the pieces soon.)

Thanks so much to Erica and Katherine!


shopping&goodies 100609

Fashion Fille hates motorcycles, but is dying over motorcycle jeans!

A Few Goody Gumdrops asks when is the Ex-Boyfriend EVER better than the Boyfriend? The answer is in the jeans!

Handbag du Jour loves haute handbag designer and Tory Burch alum, Katherine Fleming.

Shopping and Info loves the Tory Burch ruffle cashmere sweater for Winter.

SomeoneSpoilMe.com loves these Think Pink accessories

Style Eyes wants to sparkle this autumn and winter. She checks out winter sequin essentials - the dress, skirt, top, leggings and shorts.

StyleMaven is totally obsessing over a cashmere shawl vest from luxe knitwear brand, Inhabit.

TheFind Blog spotted the revival of the Mukluk boot this winter. It is the Tory Burch all black moccasin mukluk with a tassle tie.

What’s Haute Magazine features the Sam Edelman Zoe booties that have been causing such a stir!


quick fast...TUCKER (again)

I have a really quick and fast (hence the title) giveaway- it's fun! It's a I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell movie swag bag--complete with a cinch bag, a WWTD bracelet, a bottle opener, a IHTSBIH pen, a bumper sticker, a pint glass, and an exclusive tour t-shirt that you can't get anywhere (unless you were at the premiere). You heard about Tucker Max and the movie earlier, and now is your chance to win some really awesome merchandise (believe me, I have all of these items, and they're cool to have).

Just enter your name, email address, and something you would tell Tucker if you had the chance to meet him.

Contest will last just 2 weeks, hurry! Go see the movie if you haven't yet!


All I have time to say is I'm sorry for no recent outfit posts and for not announcing the Zevia contest winners yet. I've been overwhelmingly busy with school and other things (you'll hear more about those things later). After my calculus exam that I will probably vomit on and my neverending French, Econ, and more Calc quizzes, and maybe some sleep or food, I will get to the responsibilities I have for you. Whoops, I'm going to be late for French. Keep up with me on Twitter and Tumblr!

Au Revoir!

"do I stress you out; my sweater is on backwards and inside out."

I love Alanis Morisette and all of her music. She really holds that elusive cool that not just anyone has. That said, she hasn't really been much a fashion icon--until now. Her photos promoting her new album are plain old hot. Above is just one, Hollywire has the more of the set. Nice job Alanis. See, you don't need Ryan Reynolds. (Will you help me steal him away from Scarlett?)


fuzzy presents

As one giveaway ends, another one begins! This is a seriously good one, I'm really jealous of you guys; I want these Members Only leggings from Chickdowntown! They are luscious velvet, rich chocolate brown, and so luxurious. They'd look amazing with--wait, no, I'll let you tell me! Yes, to win these gorgeous leggings, you have to tell me what you would wear with them. A polyvore collage will help (hint, hint! Here are two versions of the item.). That and your email address, and you're good to go.

I'll give you some time to enter- contest ends November 22nd. Good luck styling!

Follow chickdowntown and fashion_fille on twitter!


rrrrrrrrrm, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrm

I cannot stand the sound of a motorcycle buzzing down the street beside me, so much to the point that I often exclaim something loudly and immediately, directed to the biker. But, though I don't love motorcycles, I really love motorcycle jeans. And, I would really like a pair. I don't wear jeans often (I've been wearing them more often lately), so when I wear them, I try to style them well and dress them up a little. Motorcycle jeans already have that little something extra. Recession Denim is selling some motorcycle style jeans currently, as well as some super sleek tuxedo pants. Take a look below.

They retail for under $100 and are hitting the floors! Check them out at Recession Denim's site, too.

Next time you hear a motorcycle speed past you, think of Fashion Fille!