i can't pull these off

I've never been much off a hat person myself. But, when other people wear them well, I'm in love. My face shape isn't the best for most hats (or bangs, goddammit), so I only own a few winter beanies for bracing the cold and some randoms that I've knitted myself, hoping they'd look ok. (They don't.)


Anyways, these beauties below can pull off hats, specifically fedoras. Yeah, so could I if I was Summer Rober.., I mean, Rachel Bilson, or was as badass as Gwen Stefani, or foxy like, um, Megan Fox...do I need to continue?


  1. Neither can I, much to my disappointment! I want this too cool for school look but alas, a beret will have to suffice!

  2. I 100% agree with you! I love these hats but I can't pull them off but I wish I could! I have to say I think Megan Fox looks the best in these photos


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