you really could wear handcuffs!

Remember last week when I told you all about my favorite cuffs for the season? And I suggested just wearing handcuffs? Well, you actually could wear handcuffs! I know, I'm just such a fabulous psychic. Stop flattering me! Seriously, though, Redhanded Bags are made with eco-friendly faux leathers, organic linings, and are US made and fair trade through and through.

I think these bags are super unique and just really cool! If I was walking down the street and saw somebody rocking one of these, I would most likely stop them, compliment them, grab their wrist, stare for a minute or so at the beauty hanging off a handcuff hanging off her wrist...and then giggle and run away. In all honesty, I would probably do that to myself. Or, even better, buy one for a friend just so I could cuff her up with my envy for her bag.

I should stop rambling. Get one of these handcuff clutches!


  1. Nice!

    I usually like more delicate silver bracelets, but it looks great (:

  2. These are great esp bc they're eco-friendly and fair trade! I don't love that a lot of faux leather bags are made of petroleum-based materials, so these are awesome. Also, the handcuff def adds a little grit which I love.

    Really making an effort to buy eco-friendly, vintage and repurposed attire when I can. In that vain, I think we're going to start adding accessories to our etsy shop! I feel a few red bags coming soon...

  3. such a creative idea :D Fabulous, thanks for sharing!


  4. Ha, these are awesome! They're perfect for people like me who have a habit of putting things down and forgetting about them.

  5. haha, that actually looks good on bags


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