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Cecilia Cassini, the self-proclaimed “youngest fashion designer,” talked to Terra USA while at Bryant Park this week “getting inspiration” for her latest line.

This makes me nauseous. Cecilia Cassini, seen above, is just ten years old. TEN! When I was ten, I was in elementary school, playing with my other ten-year-old friends and being a child. A child! This brat is already set for life as a screw-up if she continues to grow up this fast. Just the sound of her droning voice sets me off, let alone what she is wearing. I just don't understand this pimping-out-babies phenomenon, and I would be thrilled to see it end. From the 5-year-old fashion blogger (granted, she was satirical, but it is still whoring out a child, however adorable she is), to Noah Cyrus dancing to Tik-Tok holding alcohol and dancing like a pole dancer, to Suri (I love her oh-so-dearly, but she's going to have a tough psychological life) wearing heels and lipstick. As someone who has a passion for children and knows a small bit about them and their development, this sickens me to the core. Parents, have your daughter in wedges slap you across the face and start treating her like the baby she is.

If you would like to get a little more vom on your keyboard, take a look at Cecila's website. The best part is probably her blog footer, which has a picture of her in a sailor outfit leaning on a boat, with the caption "From my collection named Boat." What a smart little girl.


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  1. ugh i totally agree with you, that website is actually sickening to read.


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