skulls, flowers, jean jackets, and naked juice

Bitten jacket, H&M dress, Hue tights, DIY UO shoes, Alyson Dayton earrings, Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Red Machine juice

Looking at this picture makes me miss the warm and gorgeous spring we were teased with last week. Now it's just freezing and damp everyday. :(

It will be jean jacket and lunch-on-the-basketball-courts weather again soon. For now I'll drink my Naked juice inside.

Thanks to Alyson Dayton for letting me wear these awesome skull earrings! They were perfect with my floral dress that day. On a side note, whoever wrote my address has stunning calligraphy.

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  1. i found ur blog because i was searching how to put Chictopia badge in my blog haha..
    we both have the same problem lol


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