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I'm about to admit something a tad bit embarrassing.

Are you ready? Come a little closer...I don't want to say it too loudly.

IliketrashyMTVshows. What? You didn't hear me? Ok, fine. I like trashy MTV shows!! I'm sorry, but they just suck me in! Stop yelling at me.

Yeah, I know. It's bad. But until I started college, when both free time and TV's went out the window (sometimes literally), I did watch some pretty bad shows on MTV. Next? Room Raiders? 16 and Pregnant? Bad, bad, bad.

While watching those shows, I often got some entertaining clips of Vanessa and Angela Simmons from their show, Daddy's Girls, during commercial breaks. I don't think Daddy's Girls is on television anymore, but the hilarious sisters are still designing for their brand, Pastry. I was never really that into the collections, but there is a part of me that has always wanted some hot pink or bright purple high tops, and I know A and V have designed something in that spectrum.

That brings me to their new website and ad campaign. I'm digging it! I'll always be a huge sucker for pink and sparkles; it's in my nature. They are releasing a new style of shoe, called the Home Sweet Home, in both a heel and a flat- check out the video on their blog for more information. The shoes below are my favorites- click to purchase!

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