life's here, say hello

I suck at this blogging thing. Apologies. I'm about to get out of lot of emotions I've been holding, so if you're not into that- peace out homeslice. Come back soon, please.

I officially have less than 2 weeks left in my freshman year of college. Shit. How the hell did that happen? Reading those words makes my stomach drop and my head spin. I feel devastated that this humongous chapter of my life has not only begun, but is deep into progression and that there is not unlimited time left. I'm beyond excited for what's ahead of me- in the next few months, in the next 3 years, the next decades. I love thinking about the stupid memories with my best friends and how much fun the rest of college will be. But, I don't want to leave this room that embodies everything home should be, the friends I can't get enough of and a better atmosphere and environment than I could ask for. My life is in a perfect spot right now- I'm young enough that I can be stupid and do what I want, but I'm mature enough that I can appreciate my youth while it's here. Being a freshman is the best excuse for pretty much anything; I can only use that one (honestly) for a few more days. An insane amount of happenings went down in the past year, and I'll never forget them or the people they happened with. It's simply too much to grasp right now that I will never be a freshman again.  I've heard everyone tell me that college will be the best time of my life. I've only experienced a 1/4 of it, but I believe it, I get it, I understand. I don't want this to pass me by, but, unfortunately, it will, and quickly. I feel like a chunk of the past several months have been taken up by me going through the motions of life, doing what I should be doing, but not taking in what is actually happening and taking advantage of what surrounds me. I realize that's normal and I will feel that way occasionally, but it's tough to have that feeling knowing how limited my time in college is. I am glad that I can look back with such a fond perspective on my first year of college and be able to have a positive outlook on what lies ahead.

I'll spend the rest of my time until summer commences studying (echh), sorting out the painful internship stresses prodding at my hips 24/7, eating (i seriously cannot satisfy this bottomless pit they call my stomach), making documents about every single day of the past 2 (and a half!) semesters, attempting to figure out how to pack the impossible amount of stuff cornered into every inch of my room, being with some of my favorite people, and enjoying the bittersweetness that remains.  Before any of us know it, I'll have completed a summer (doing something that even I have still not figured out) and will be back at my favorite place on Earth. Time goes fast, guys, we've got to savor it all.

One more apology for being so god damn awful at consistently blogging. Anyone that has ever spent 4 minutes of their day peering into my safe place where I can always come to direct my creative energy that piles up as each hour of the day goes on: I appreciate you more than you will ever know. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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  1. It stung like a violent wind
    That our memories depend
    On a faulty camera in our minds.

  2. aww darling this is cute.
    just dont focus on the past so much and how fast it is going, or else it will just bring you down, continue to live in the moment and look forward to all the good times that are still coming!

    I <3 youuu!


  3. I can relate...life beyond college is just around the corner for me, and I'm both excited and overwhelmed by it. It's weird to think about a time when I won't be in school anymore. You've got 3 more years though, have fun with it! :)


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