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It's fascinating how when it's freezing cold, us bloggers (and really all people) can only chat about how much we long for summer time; for those steamy days where all you can bear to have on your body is a perfectly shredded pair of cut-offs and that tank top totally softened to oblivion from endless daily wear. But now that I have had even 2 weeks of summer teased in front of my wide-eyed glances into vacation and freedom, I'm ready. I'm ready for fall again. For breezy days cool enough for tights, a cardigan, and scarf. For being able to walk all around my current environment without holding my arms close to my body for warmth or sweating through my thin blazer.  I'm envious of those Aussies; prepping themselves for autumn layering. Oh well, those days will be here soon. I need to learn to enjoy what I have while it's here!

In any case, I'm excited to wear this new vintage sweater CovertCandy kindly sent my way. It gave me an awful first impression, but once I tried it on with some textured/zippered/shiny/everything leggings and a just-long-enough-to-peek-through tank top, I fell in love! Thus, the fall lingering. This Zora NY peridot bangle will also be perfect for fall wardrobes and layering, but why wait? I'll start wearing it now...with those cut-offs and wispy tanks.


  1. gorgeous sweater, definitely a versatile piece, your photos make it look so dream like. I'm from Australia (Melbourne) and loving the Autumn weather at the moment, Autumn/winter fashion is definitely my fav :)


  2. S o like at first i was relly qustening like the way this sweater would look cause i thought it looked kind of like what my grandma would wear but ilike the way you described layering it like i relly think it could be cool

    can't wait to get my grandma sweaters on in tha fall just need some layering advice when tha time comes


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