a handful of apartment beauty shots- not mine, unfortunately!
I've arrived and settled into my new and amazing home! I'm lucky enough to have a beautiful apartment with my hilarious friends in the best location- 10 steps off campus; in the heart of the town.

My clippings of Justin Timberlake, Andy Warhol, Isabel Lucas, Lara Stone, The Beatles, and a few sprinklings of shoe and jewelry porn, have been placed around my desk; my Mr. Brainwash posters are slapped on the walls, my sophisticated gray comforter is incredibly comfy (makes sense) and I'm so happy to be back at school.

I'll get some good posts up soon- pinky swear!

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  1. OMG!! that apartment is gorgeous. ur so lucky!! im getting the itch to move soon so i keep having to buy smaller purchases like shoes or persona charms to hold my heart at bay. this time next year maybe!

    ps: yes!! Mr. Brainwash poster :)


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