not just lip balm

I was lucky enough to receive a few Carmex products last week- but these products did not include a Carmex lip balm, the only Carmex item I had used before. Just as it kept my winter lips soft, Carmex® Healing Lotion and Carmex® Healing Cream locked in the moisture in my skin just as the air here is starting to get drying. I've been putting it on after I shower and before bed, and I wake up with supple skin with a very light scent. I hate when skin products leave a never-ending smell (Jergens Natural Glow, I'm talking to you), but this one has just enough scent to avoid that "unscented scent" (you know what I mean!!). The cream is great for elbows, knees, and free, and the lotion is perfect for the rest of me. I'm going to continue using it for a few weeks and see if I notice any difference in the overall moisture of my skin. I'll keep you updated!

This post brought to you by Carmex®. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. ya i leik carmex a lot 2 ben usin it 4ever greit stuff


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