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This post is brought to you by Rambler's Way Farm. All opinions are 100% mine.

Feel a soft, thin, piece of pure wool fabric draped around you. Getting goosebumps? Imagine that same material in your favorite leggings, your best camisole, or your cozy boyfriend cardi. Mmm, it sounds delicious!

If you got stuck at the word "wool" in my first sentence because you typically associate that itchy, hot, heavy material with that awful sweater stuffed in the back of your drawer, please think again. Ramblers Way Farm is a family business creating soft, comfortable next-to-skin worsted wool apparel entirely on American soil. So, not only do they churn out incredibly comfy-cozy items, but they're eco-friendly and a responsible textile company. I'm in love!

Which items catch my attention, you ask? Well, let's go on a little shopping spree. My first picks would be Long Janes, a Button Down Hoodie,and a few tanks and camis. What would you choose?

I'll leave you to pick out your favorites while I continue my dream of wearing clouds, thanks to Rambler's Way!

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