coug it up

How amazeballs are these new boots from Cougar? I've been eagerly craving a pair of black rainboots lately to sub in with my purple Hunters (I occasionally tire of wearing bright lavender knee-high boots when it rains at least once a week here), and these, named the Regal, are beyond perfect. The harness detail maintains a biker-vibe for some style, and it's nice to have a shorter length boot. I received them last week and have already worn them a few times! Cougar was also generous enough to understand the winter wonderland I'm living in (read: the weather kind of sucks. Unpredictably rainy until it get bitter cold and snowy through April) and send me a pair of lace-up, faux fur lined winter boots. You'll get a shot of those babies soon, I'm sure. My favorite detail on them? The purple infused faux fur that's only noticeable with the sunshine. I'm in love! Thank you Cougar!

Cougar is generous enough to donate $2 to the Red Cross for each reader that does this survey- it's very brief and much appreciated! xx

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  1. thos pics r awsom3!!!! co0l bo0ts 2. i took te surv3y h0pe i help3d!!!


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